Patio Door Installation & Replacement

Patio doors are a beautiful decorative element and a reasonably practical solution for any terrace. Typically, such doors are made entirely transparent at full height. Due to the large size and considerable weight of double-glazed windows, installing and patio door installation near me is quite labor-intensive.
What is the most common problem a Patio door repair specialist in New Jersey must fix? These are problems such as sagging of the Patio door, the curvature of the geometry of the Patio door, replacing the handle on the Patio door, replacing Patio door fittings, adjusting the Patio door, and replacing broken glass in the Patio door.

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Which Patio Doors We Install?

The Kozel LLC company invites you to decorate your interior and bring more light, panoramic views, and comfort into it. What is unique about the patio sliding system, where is it most often used, and what types do we install?

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors consist of two or more pieces of glass installed parallel, with the pieces or panels overlapping slightly in the middle. The panels are either installed in the grove or suspended from the path. Typically, one part of a sliding door is fixed, while the other opens by moving along a track.

Swinging Patio Doors

Swinging patio doors are installed in pairs and hung on hinges on opposite sides. Hinged or French doors meet in the middle. These doors often come in pairs and are hung on hinges on opposite sides of a central meeting point.

Folding Patio Doors

Folding patio doors are folding doors, also known as accordion doors, containing two to eight leaves or folding sections connected by a series of hinges. The door opens like an accordion.

What Material Fits Your Aesthetic?

Each patio door style can be made from various door frame materials and finishes. Each has advantages and disadvantages, from traditional wood to fiberglass or vinyl. Be sure to consider the location of the door — will the door be in direct sunlight all day? Is the door located next to a busy road or a noisy neighbor? – and the amount of maintenance you’re willing to undertake to keep your new door in good condition.

The budget will also affect the choice of frame material. Vinyl doors are generally the least expensive option, and wood doors typically outperform vinyl and fiberglass doors.

Patio Door Repair Service

When the Patio door breaks, first, as usual, you need to determine the cause of the breakdown before starting repair work and carrying out diagnostics. Once you have found out the reason for the breakdown of the Patio doors, you can begin repairs.

You need to order the service «Patio door repair near me in New Jersey» when:

  • the Patio door does not open/close well;
  • the Patio door does not open/close;
  • the patio door fittings are broken;
  • the Patio door handle broke;
  • the Patio door handle is jammed;
  • the Patio door handle rotates;
  • blows from the Patio door;
  • blows from the hinge side of the Patio door;
  • a whistle is heard from the Patio door;
  • the bottom hinge of the Patio door broke;
  • the top hinge/scissors of the Patio door broke;
  • the upper corner of the Patio door comes off;
  • the glass unit of the Patio door was broken;
  • the bottom sandwich in the Patio door is damaged;
  • the patio door opens simultaneously in two positions (falls out).

Why Choose Professional Installers from Kozel LLC

We do not have overdressed offices in every district of our beloved city, every metro station, or every underground passage. There is no overstaffed staff. We do not advertise from every iron. BUT! We have over 5 years of experience, professional patio door installers near me, and excellent cost optimization!

Our advantages:

  • We repair and install Patio doors of any complexity.
  • Affordable rates. System of discounts and promotions.
  • Urgent departure. Urgent repair of Patio doors at a time convenient for you.
  • Only experienced installer.
  • High-quality materials and fittings.
  • Guarantee for all types of work.
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Should I Repair or Replace My Patio Door? arrow

If you need to know exactly what the problem is, it’s better to call our Patio door repair specialist so that it doesn’t get worse.

What's a French Door? arrow

Although any swinging patio door is commonly called a «French door» or «French doors,» this is not entirely true. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a French door as «a door with full-length rectangular glass panels.» To install a true French door in your home, look for a door with large rectangular glass panels.

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