Shed Assembly Service in New Jersey

Shed assembly can take a long time, especially for those doing it for the first time. We can take this burden from you by providing you with a shed installation service. Every handyman in our team is a professional in the field. They will do the job quickly and reliably, leaving you with a fine shed. It does not matter whether you are in New Jersey or near it. We are ready to provide you with a high-quality shed installation service.

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Local Expertise

Our installers are ready to answer any of your questions regarding shed installation, necessary permits, or communal services. Any sheds required zoning permits for correct installation. It may take up to 2 weeks to obtain the permit. Whether you are interested in repairs, installation near your house, relocation, or something else, just let us know, and we will be happy to advise you. If you have not yet decided which shed you want, our assemblers will help you choose the best option. Additionally, you can find a lot of valuable information and view our portfolio on our website.

Assembly and Installation

Before arranging the installation, consult with your local construction department to find out if a permit is needed for the shed. Our specialists will take care of the paperwork and the installation.

Repair and Refinishing

Regardless of your shed brand or how much repair it needs, our professionals are ready to breathe new life into it. It can be either something insignificant, like a regular painting, or something more serious, like replacing the roof.


Everyone has their reason for relocating the shed. Some people don’t want to leave something behind when moving, someone bought a nice shed from a friend but doesn’t like its location. We understand that. That is why our team offers services for dismantling, transporting, and re-installing sheds. It is not necessary to leave your property behind or spend time moving it yourself when you can entrust it to professionals.

Brands We Assemble

Our company works with a variety of brands that have repeatedly proven the quality of their products and services. We cooperate only with trusted manufacturers. You only need to send a link to the selected shed so our specialists can advise you about the price, delivery, and other details.

Tuff shed

Wooden sheds
Metal sheds
Plastic sheds

Shed installation

Wooden sheds

Metal sheds

Plastic sheds


It is enough to send information about your garden shed to get the best price for our services. Be careful as not all sheds come with shingles and flooring. But some include a base with which you can lift the shed up to 12 inches above the ground and for which steps or a ramp are needed. Painting and the necessary materials are not included in the service cost, so they need to be requested separately. In total, the shed assembly can take from 1 to 3 days.

A metal shed is not as popular as other types but is also of high quality and affordable. It is cheaper than other types but also much more challenging to assemble. It usually goes without a floor, and therefore it is enough to level the base only below the walls. Thanks to this, you can save on the base.

Plastic sheds are popular due to their low price and durability. They have their limitations in the assembling, which, however, our installers will manage. We recommend choosing a wooden or concrete platform for a plastic shed.

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When it comes to choosing a base for your new shed, there are three main flooring options.

A concrete platform is the best choice for the strength and longevity of your new shed, but it’s also 2-3 times more expensive than a wood floor option. Sloping ground may require extensive leveling or a retaining wall covered with earth or gravel. The concrete floor option takes two days to complete, one day for the concrete, and another to assemble the shed kit.

Wooden  platforms are fastest-installing shed flooring option, they’re  lightweight and require no curing time. The biggest drawback is that animals can try digging their way into your shed. We use only pressure-treated lumber and plywood to minimize potential repairs for the next ten years.

Gravel base: The least expensive option is gravel, but it can’t be made perfectly level, and we don’t know how the gravel will hold up under the weight of your shed. We can provide the gravel base option, but we cannot guarantee it.

Shed platform installation

Shed platform installation

We offer our customers three types of flooring: concrete, wooden, or gravel.

Constructing a concrete base typically takes one day, which involves ground leveling and pouring concrete. Assembly of the shed will occur no earlier than 24 hours after pouring the concrete. We recommend a concrete base if the height difference of the ground is no more than 6 inches. If the ground is trampled or uneven, careful leveling or the construction of a retaining wall covered with earth or gravel may be necessary.

The wooden platform is the cheapest of all options, as well as the fastest to install. They do not need time to cure. Their main disadvantage is that they attract of some animals and insects that can get under the base. We use only pressure-treated lumber and plywood to minimize potential repairs for the next ten years.

The gravel base is the most expensive option. It is impossible to make it perfectly smooth, and there are no guarantees that it will be able to withstand the weight of your shed.

If you decide to install a metal shed, the platform is optional.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the shed installation cost? arrow

How much does the shed installation cost?

Our pricing depends on the details of the shed. We provide a free online estimation of installing the shed, terms, and prices if we were given the necessary information, such as measurements, installation locations, and photos of the shed. If you do not have accurate data, we can offer a range of prices for the task. The same applies to complex projects. You also have the opportunity to call one of our shed installers for a personal review at home. Such a service costs $150, but if you sign a contract with Kozel, this payment will be refunded after the installation is completed.

Can I customize my new wooden shed to match the exterior of my home? arrow

Yes, if you want to transform your shed, we can add this service to the contract before signing it.

How should I prepare for my shed installation project? arrow

First of all, the area in which the construction will be carried out must be cleared and prepared for the distance of 12 inches above the shed dimensions on all sides. If there are trees or bushes there, they must be removed. The installer will level the surface at an extra charge. Also, stick five stakes in the ground where the corners of your future shed and the doorway should be. Provide access to electricity within 150 feet of the future shed location and a path for shed installers with materials.

What forms of payment do you accept? arrow

We accept payments using:

  • Zelle;
  • PayPal (+3% of the contract amount);
  • Venmo (+3% of the contract amount);
  • Check.

We also accept deposits using:

  • Zelle;
  • PayPal (+3% of the contract amount);
  • Venmo (+3% of the contract amount).
Do you anchor down the shed after its installation? arrow

Yes. Anchoring can be added as an additional service. It must be discussed and confirmed before the start of the work so that we can add it to the contract.

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