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Kozel LLC provides fence cleaning services in New Jersey for residents of private homes and cottages, owners of commercial properties, and enterprises. Customers can also order a service for cleaning tiles for paths - the measures will help maintain the attractive appearance of the coating, extend its service life, and improve technical characteristics.

With time, fences made of wood or metal and garden coverings become contaminated with dust and machine fluids. Unflattering stains left after rain and ingrained dust spoil the aesthetics, so caring for the sidewalk and cleaning the finish regularly is necessary. To avoid wasting your personal time and energy on labor-intensive household chores, you should hire fence power washing near me specialists and order a cleaning service.

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Benefits of Our Fence Power Washing Services

If the fence is relatively new and the dirt on it is loose mostly dust and dirt, then it is often enough to use clean water and a high-pressure washer — high-pressure water removes the layer of plaque in a second. This is a quick and easy method, and at the same time, safe for the garden — dust and dirt flowing along with the water will not harm the plants.

If using water under pressure is impossible or does not give the desired effect, our specialists resort to chemical agents. Today, unique products are available for cleaning fences. Universal metal cleaners also work well, but remember that they usually contain highly irritating substances, so our specialists work with them wearing gloves and a mask with appropriate filters.

Our Safe Fence Pressure Washing Services

We use pressure washing to clean your fence safely and effectively. We track the soft wash technique, employing biodegradable cleaning outcomes and secure pressure to provide your fence with a thorough, clean, and long-lasting glow. Our specialists remove stains and defend against regrowth, maintaining your fence secure and spotless all year round.

We employ the proper pressure to clear stubborn dirt and grime buildup while preserving your fence. Our biodegradable cleaning outcomes are also secure for animals and plants.

What Fencing Materials Can We Safely Pressure Wash?

Fence maintenance is an essential component of the successful operation of any type of fence. Proper cleaning is also of great importance to extend the service life.

Composite Fence Pressure Washing

A fence made from composite material has much more advanced properties than its natural counterpart. This is due to the composition of this material: polymer components are added to give strength. As a result, the fence is much more resistant to external factors than natural wood. Caring for a composite fence is more straightforward than it seems.

Vinyl Fence Pressure Washing

Caring for a vinyl fence is simple, but it requires professionals. You can wash it with pressure, a brush, or soapy compounds — the fence will look new.

Wood Fence Pressure Washing

Caring for a wooden fence is not considered difficult. Wood is the oldest environmentally friendly material; it attracts with its naturalness and texture. Our company’s specialists will provide high-quality pressure washing of your wooden fence.

Tips for Power Washing Fences

Here are some recommendations for cleaning your fence to get the most useful results.

  • Spray the foliage.

Before pressure washing with detergent, think rushing nearby foliage to saturate the soil. This will save your plants by encouraging the detergent water to drain away.

  • Pressure washing аnnually.

Fences are great for privacy but require some maintenance. It is best to pressure wash wood fence structures or vinyl fences at least once a year. This will keep them looking new for a long time.

  • Hire fence cleaning services.

When pressure washing your fence, keep a few things in mind. If you don’t feel like doing all of the above, a qualified professional can do it for you.

Process of Power Washing Fences

  1. Assessment of the scope of work and selection of cleaning products based on the surface type. The washer selects high-quality metal, vinyl, wood, and composite detergents.
  2. Removing fresh contaminants, dust, and dirt that appear after a rainstorm is done.
  3. Specific contaminants are cleaned under pressure — removing traces of machine oils or gasoline and removing plaque.
  4. Repeated rinsing to remove foam and chemical residues.

This approach allows you to maintain fences’ attractiveness. Thanks to practical skills and experience, the organization’s employees will cope with complex tasks faster, save the client’s time and energy, and provide fast and effective pressure washing of fences.

Why Choose Professionals from Kozel LLC

Our team is made up of people who love their work.

We love the smiles on our clients’ faces when they are pleasantly surprised by our work. Bringing you joy and pleasure from the results of our work is our true goal! Kozel LLC is a professional fence power washing company. Experience in the field of professional cleaning is more than 5 years.

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