Interior Door Installation

Installing interior doors is a responsible job that requires precise measurements, the availability of special tools, knowledge of installation technologies, and careful connection of the door frame and the movable leaf. Unprofessional work can lead to door deformation, cracks, and many other inconveniences. At Kozel LLC, you can order the interior door installation near me and other services. We offer affordable prices in New Jersey, regularly create special offers, and carry out the entire range of work guaranteed on time.

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Interior Door Replacement

Our craftsmen provide high-quality repair services for interior doors made of solid wood, veneer, and other materials. Our craftsmen will repair your interior wooden door efficiently and with a guarantee. Door replacement work on site, at a time convenient for you, or with removal to a carpentry workshop. When assessing the condition of the door leaf and frame, the technician will suggest what kind of work is required and perform interior door repairs in New Jersey at affordable prices.

It is advisable to repair an interior door only in some cases.

  1. If the new door is difficult to fit into the existing interior.
  2. If the old doors are made to order and cannot be bought anywhere else.
  3. If repairing a door will cost less than purchasing and installing a new door.

When repairing doors, you can decorate them with decorative elements and replace old glass with new glass of various types, designs, and properties. Paint the doors a new color or varnish them in the desired tone and get unique doors that no one else has. We will install them no matter what you choose or where you get them!


Hinged doors are the most typical type of interior doors. Their classic design exudes a feeling of classic refinement. Their hinged design makes it easy to open and close if the needed area is available. Choices include single or double doors, as shown overhead, where two doors are in a double-wide opening, hinged on opposite sides.


Bifold doors are popular today and are used in many places. They will also find a place for themselves in the house. This type of door is distinguished by opening in both directions, which adds comfort and becomes an exciting room detail.


Bypass/Sliding doors are one of the space-saving options. Sliding doors allow you to free up useful space successfully. Usually, swing door models are installed in apartments. But only a sliding design can be the right choice in case of a severe shortage of space. It will not spoil the overall interior of the apartment and will allow you to use every square meter to its most significant advantage.


A pocket door is a door that is usually mounted on rollers that slide on tracks. When opened, the door disappears or slides into a hollow cavity or «pocket» with a smooth, neat fit. Almost any type of door can be used — blinds, flush, panel, or glass — and that also means doors of any size and weight.


Interior French doors are a type of door frame in which glass inserts occupy at least 80% of the area. The sizes of the glass can be different, as well as the design of the doors themselves: one or more door panels, wide or narrow doors, the presence of a fixed door, stained glass frame, etc. They usually arrive in unfinished form. Standard width: 4 and 5 feet. Standard height: 80 inches.


These are side doors made in a modern style, emphasizing the line’s clarity and pronounced angles of the details. It combines harmony and simplicity; each model has a unique style element. Interior barn doors add a rustic, charming touch to any home.


Louvered doors are a product that is similar in appearance to conventional horizontal window blinds. When using wood, our production technology does not accept gluing or fillers. This guarantees a long service life without cracking the material and paint peeling.

Interior Door Repairs

Types of door repair work that will restore its functionality.

  1. Eliminate gaps between the box, the canvas, and the box and the wall.
  2. Eliminate door sagging when closing and opening is difficult.

This type of repair of interior doors is carried out in two ways, depending on the reasons: by repairing or replacing door hinges or by aligning the geometry of the door leaf or frame.

Why Choose Professional Installers from Kozel LLC

Before ordering services, you can call an installer who will assess the condition of the doorway, take the necessary measurements, draw up an estimate, and announce the final cost of installation. During the process, we will do everything necessary to ensure that the result of the repair meets your expectations in every way.

Advantages of working with us:

  • Qualified interior door installers near me
  • We don’t go over budget
  • Guarantee on all work
  • Payment for work upon delivery
  • Official agreement
  • More than 5 years of experience.
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