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Home interior painting is a quick and economical way to decorate. Suitable for different substrates and conditions of use, for indoor and outdoor use. Our service company uses it to decorate offices, residential buildings, apartments, industrial and commercial premises and facades. An affordable and popular way to decoratively transform an interior space is to paint the walls in a room in house which can transform the interior and give it fresh, original touches. Have you decided to change the design of walls and ceilings radically? Do you want to enjoy refined tones and the exclusive atmosphere of your surroundings? You can make your wishes come true through indoor painting work performed by the professional of Kozel LLC in New Jersey.

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We offer a variety of interior painting services for any room or surface in your house




Our company has been providing bathroom painting services for many years, so we have developed a specific experience that helps you save time, effort, and money.


Painting kitchen walls is one of the most popular services nowadays. First this is due to the fact that using paint as a finishing coating for walls is as popular as wallpapering them. However painting walls requires even more careful base preparation than wallpaper. Therefore entrust this work to professionals from Kozel LLC if you are interested in an impeccable result.

Dining rooms

Among the practical and affordable types of wall finishing is painting. Surface painting is used in those areas of an apartment or house where frequent cleaning is required or the decorative design will be subject to frequent and regular excessive loads—namely a corridor, a children’s company, a kitchen and a dining room.

Living rooms

The living room plays a very important role in the apartment: guests are received here and everyone gets together during celebrations, holidays, or just for a family vacation. Thus the living room should be a room that is comfortable and pleasant to be in.

Game rooms

The external attractiveness and functionality of the playroom determine the child’s positive attitude and desire to regularly spend time in the playroom and the quantity and quality of useful skills that children receive. To paint the walls, choose matte light colors: sand and turquoise.


The pantry is a lifesaver for every apartment or private house. It can be transformed into a dressing room, used to store seasonal items, home supplies for the winter, a vacuum cleaner, and even a bicycle.


We carry out painting in the corridor according to the design project, by all application instructions, as well as with special equipment, due to which the paint is applied quickly and dries quickly.


The bedroom is a unique and very personal room. We will tell you how to choose the right wall color depending on its psychology, optical properties and natural lighting. When creating the interior of a bedroom you write your own story.


A great way to add a finished aesthetic to your garage after construction or renovation is to paint it. Our interior painters follow all garage painting rules.

Garage floors

You shouldn’t look down on painting your garage floor. Only some amateur painters can do this job efficiently. Contact our professionals.


Drywall is used to level walls and ceilings and is easy to process. In addition this material is often used for finishing


The basement is no less critical room in the house than others. It is at the lowest level and determines what humidity will be in the house and how heat will be maintained. Therefore it is worth paying attention to repair work and finishing the basement with high quality with our interior painters.

Here's How the Process Works

First we conduct an inspection; then we draw up a plan for performing the necessary work. Afterwards an estimate is drawn up which forms the budget and makes it possible to select the necessary materials and types of work for painting the walls and ceilings of an apartment for painting the walls and ceilings in a cottage or house. Painting walls and ceilings includes the following types of work:

• Inspection and preparation of technical documentation;

• Preparatory work, cleaning from dirt, old paint or rust (if necessary);

• Priming walls and ceilings before painting;

• Treatment with a solution for long-term use of walls and ceilings;

• Painting walls and ceilings using special high-quality equipment, the choice of materials is provided to the Customer by the planned budget.

Available Sheens & Finishes

Depending on the desired result, decorating surfaces with paint may have its characteristics. Below are the finishing and sheen options that our company provides:

Ultra Flat

Ultra Flat paint is a term for a finish that does not reflect light, resulting in no shine at all.

Flat / Matte

Matte decorative paint is excellent for painting concrete, drywall, wood and other surfaces.


According to designers’ opinions eggshell painting is gaining popularity. The chosen shade is conveyed very accurately. The surface will absorb more light than it reflects.


Satin is universal and can paint walls and ceilings — from the hallway to the master bedroom.


Semi-gloss wall paint is a paint that combines the benefits of matte and gloss paint. It has a delicate shine that creates the effect of a soft reflection of light and increases the room’s brightness.


Glossy wall paint has a shiny surface that creates a glossy mirror effect on the walls. Gloss paint is ideal for well-lit rooms as it reflects light and increases the room’s brightness.

Our recent work
Why Choose Professional Interior House Painters from Kozel LLC

Why Choose Professional Interior House Painters from Kozel LLC

Why you should contact us for interior painting:

• Our company has an individual approach to each client; our rich experience allows us to satisfy any wishes.

• Our interior painters near me have the highest qualifications. All painting work is carried out using technology. This is a guarantee of durability, attractiveness and quality.

• We offer affordable prices.

• We guarantee efficiency — interior painting will be completed within a specified time frame. At the same time the quality of work will not suffer.

• You can place a complex order with us — we will provide a full range of services for painting and other work. Our professional contractors will calculate an attractive price for you.

• Our company offers a convenient ordering system — by phone. Moreover our interior house painters near me will calculate the cost of the service immediately.

Ask a Kozel customer

Here are just a few of our verifiable customer reviews, left by our growing family of satisfied customers and homeowners.

What types of interior paints are available? arrow

Acrylic paints, Water-dispersion paints, Water-based paints, Oil paints, and Rubber paints.

How do I choose the right interior paint color? arrow

The ratio of colors in space should correspond to the formula 60/30/10, where 60% should be the primary, dominant color, 30% should be the secondary color, and 10% should be left for color accents.

How much does it cost to paint a house interior? arrow

The cost of interior painting will vary depending on several factors, including square footage, condition of surfaces, and height of walls.

Do I need to move furniture before the crew arrives? arrow

Our painting crew will cover and protect furniture and floors, but if a fragile piece of furniture is difficult to move, please remove it before the crew arrives or notify the team.

Can you repair damage to trim or walls as part of the project? arrow

It all depends on the extent of the damage. In many cases we will repair it for you.

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