Foosball Table Assembly

Are you a current resident of New Jersey? You'll be pleased to learn that our company has established a local branch in your vicinity. Our area of expertise lies in the meticulous assembly and precision installation of foosball tables. At our company, we maintain an unwavering dedication to selecting personnel who meet all necessary qualifications and standards.

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A foosball table, also known as table soccer, is a classic and entertaining game that simulates the excitement of soccer in a tabletop format.Foosball tables come in various sizes and designs, catering to different preferences and needs. They can range from compact, portable models suited for home use to larger, sturdy tables designed for commercial or competitive play.


We collaborate with various brands

 In order to ensure customer satisfaction with the end result of our work, we collaborate with brands that manufacture foosball tables. We choose partners whom our clients trust, as customer trust is paramount to us. Our collaboration with them is aimed at achieving common goals, which revolve around the installation of high-quality tables.

Why choose Kozel LLC

We recommend choosing us for the installation of a tabletop football. Why us? Firstly, we have extensive experience in this field, which we can confirm. Secondly, our team includes not only professional installers but also consultants who will help you with your selection. Thirdly, we have low prices.

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