Ping Pong Table Assembly Service

Our assembly service in New Jersey ensures that your ping pong table is installed correctly, following manufacturer instructions and safety guidelines. We understand the importance of proper assembly to ensure stability, level playing surface, and overall durability of the table. By availing our ping pong table assembly service, you can skip the hassle and potential complexities of setting up the equipment yourself.

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Our service comprises 

In order for us to better understand each other, we would like to introduce you to the services we provide.

  • Delivery: We coordinate a convenient time with you to ensure safe delivery.
  • Assembly: Our professional specialists have been assembling tables for several years, gaining extensive experience in this field. We strictly adhere to all safety rules and instructions during installation.
  • Quality Guarantee: After installing the table, we test and inspect it to ensure everything is correctly set up.

Following this, you can start an exciting game that will bring you a lot of enjoyable moments.

Assembly services available for a variety of brands 

 At our assembly service, we take pride in expertly assembling ping pong tables, offering a professional touch to ensure your gaming setup is ready for action. Our skilled technicians specialize in assembling tables from various renowned brands, delivering top-notch service for an enjoyable gaming experience. 

 We work with a range of esteemed brands known for their quality ping pong tables. Some of the brands we handle include: STIGA, JOOLA, SPALDING.

Why choose Kozel LLC

Our company has recently entered the market but has swiftly risen to the top. This success is attributed to our developed strategy that sets us apart. Firstly, we adhere strictly to our primary goal of ensuring customer satisfaction. Secondly, we foster a trusting atmosphere at work, ensuring our employees are motivated. Thirdly, we offer competitive prices for our services. We encourage you to review the testimonials provided by our clients to further validate our competence.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to provide my own tools or equipment for my home table tennis table assembly service? arrow
No. We’ll bring everything we need.
How long does it take to assemble a table tennis table? arrow

The process usually takes about a day.

Can Kozel LLC also help me disassemble my table tennis table? arrow

Yes, if you specify this at checkout.

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