Door Closer Installation and Repair

A door closer is a useful but almost invisible element of the door structure. Yes, it is not found so often in private homes, but this element is relevant in public/industrial premises with high traffic volume. Nothing is surprising in the popularity of the door closer - this seemingly simple device guarantees that the front door will always be closed. Consequently, cold dirt and street noise will not penetrate inside. Therefore, door closer installation near me is simply necessary, especially for entrance doors with installed electronic systems and equipped with electromagnetic locks. And our service will cope with this best of all in New Jersey.

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We Bring Different Types of Door Closers

Today’s market provides a wide selection of different door finishing systems.

Depending on the specific installation location, all closers are classified into the following types:

Overhead Closers

Overhead closers are seated on the door frame and often protrude slightly onto the door. Instead of drilling holes in the wall, you will get an automatic door closer that matches the paint color of the door. You can leave it in a metallic silver or choose a color code for your office, home, or business.

Concealed Closers

Concealed door closers offer a hidden design that is out of the way. Unfortunately, they don’t work well with heavy doors. It must be installed inside the doorway so it is considered hidden from the outside. They are ideal for homes and offices with lightweight doors.

Surface-Mounted Closers

Surface-mounted door closers are the most famous kind of door closers. They are straightforward to install and can be employed on different doors. As the name implies, these closers are connected to the exterior of the door frame.

Floor Closers

Floor closers are usually found in high-end establishments such as city offices and fashion stores. They are attached to the bottom of glass doors (sometimes made of other materials) that slide in and out of the spring closer.

The Parallel Arm Door Closers

This is the most famous kind of door closer. A parallel arm door closer has a lever that is parallel to the door when it is in the open place. It is effortless to install and can be used on different doors.

Push Side Door Closers

A push-side door is a kind of door closer installed on the push-side of the door.

Why Choose Professional Installers from Kozel LLC

Our advantages:

  • Reliability of fastening and rod. Since the door experiences constant loads, the strength of the entire structure depends on this point.
  • Strict adherence to installation geometry (according to the diagram). The slightest deviation will warp the door closer; installation must be as accurate as possible.
  • Checking the mechanism. A properly functioning door closer does not jam, ensures easy door movement on its hinges, and the design for entering the room does not push back.
  • Adjusting the closer. Setting light or strong force depending on the door’s weight, pouring high-quality oil inside the mechanism, and fixing the desired position of the door.

Correct installation guarantees its long service life. We also offer services for replacing and adjusting door closers. All services are available at affordable prices. Place an order and evaluate the result in just a few minutes — we do all the work quickly. Reviews of our work confirm this. You can also order lock installation, door leaf adjustment, and other services.

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