Electric Fireplace Installation Services

Electric fireplaces are a fantastic option for houses traditionally chimney-free because they blend contemporary convenience, safety, and adaptability. With only a flip of a button, an electrically heated stove can be installed and provide instant touch and atmosphere, whether your goal is to add style or insert a pleasant atmosphere.
For all of your home renovation needs, Kozel LLC's electric fireplace installation near me is the greatest service option. The electric fireplaces are what will provide coziness and warmth to your house in New Jersey.

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8 Arguments in Favor of an Electric Fireplace

While gas and wood fireplaces remain the most popular, electric fireplaces are gaining momentum and appearing in more and more homes in New Jersey.

But, why do homeowners still favor electric fireplaces? We can highlight the top 8 reasons:

  • Super-easy to use: A single switch instantly provides heat and extinguishes it just as quickly;
  • No live flames;
  • Great looks;
  • They look like fireplaces: Electric fireplaces have the same sleek finish and design as “traditional” fireplaces;
  • No maintenance required;
  • Versatile placement: Because electric fireplaces do not require a venting system, they can be placed in almost any wall of your home, including walls between rooms, for two-way enjoyment;
  • Zone heating: Electric fireplaces from Kozel LLC are ideal for zone-heating bedrooms, kitchens, and even bathrooms;
  • Easy Installation: You can install a beautiful new electric fireplace for as little as $2,000.


However, if you are in doubt about installing electric fireplaces, you can take advantage of a free consultation from our experts.

The Ideal Electric Fireplace Insert for Your Current Hearth

Upgrade your current fireplace by installing the ideal electric insert. With no hassles involved, this improvement offers the coziness and warmth of a classic fire without the soot, smoke, or upkeep. Contemporary electric inserts come with realistic flame effects, remote control operation, and heat settings that can be adjusted for any occasion or season.

Energy-efficient, safe, and simple to install, they blend in well with your current fireplace. The ideal electric insert for your house will enable you to fully enjoy the visual attractiveness and comfortable, warm feel of a fire at the touch of a button.

Electric wall-mounted fireplaces: A Contemporary Alternative

An electric wall-mounted fireplace is stylish and modern and offers a comprehensive solution to ambiance and warmth in any space. Its installation is simple because it doesn’t need a chimney or ventilation, unlike conventional fireplaces. It can go with any décor because it comes in a range of designs and finishes.

The electric fireplace may be used all year round because it has programmable heat and flame effects. Along with being safe and energy-efficient, it has features like automatic shut-off and cool-touch glass. This cutting-edge solution seamlessly improves your living area by fusing style and utility.

The Most Accurate Experience with an Electric Fireplace

With our state-of-the-art electric fireplaces, enjoy the utmost in coziness and ambiance. Our models, which are made to resemble classic wood-burning fireplaces in both appearance and feel, have very realistic flames produced by cutting-edge LED flame technology. You may alter the ambiance to your liking using the brightness and flame color options.

We offer you our electric stoves an easy, practical substitute for traditional fireplaces, with extra features like remote control, energy efficiency, and no ventilation or chimney required. Savor the charm and coziness without the clutter or upkeep.

Why Select Kozel LLC Professionals?

You get several advantages for your home renovation requirements when you work with the experts at Kozel LLC:

  • Knowledge and expertise: our electric fireplace installers near me offer unique electrical heater assembly thanks to many years of expertise and knowledge;
  • High-quality brands: we provide a large assortment of the most important brands of electric fireplaces, guaranteeing their dependability, effectiveness, and aesthetic appeal;
  • Dedicated service: we strive to satisfy every client, which is why we offer customized solutions and assistance from choice to implementation and after;
  • First and foremost, safety is our main concern.

Electric fireplace installation is made simple by Kozel LLC, whether it’s a new installation or a retrofit, by utilizing our extensive brand selection and experience. Begin the process of converting your living room into a warm and welcoming haven right now. Our installer is here to assist you at every stage, guaranteeing a seamless and effective installation of an electric fireplace.

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