Greenhouse Installation

We have great news for all New Jersey gardeners — there is a branch of our campaign located in your city. Our team guarantees accurate and efficient installation tailored to your specific requirements. We understand the importance of a well-built greenhouse for gardening enthusiasts, which is why we offer professional services to meet your needs. Choose our company for greenhouse installation in New Jersey.

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Home greenhouses

Home greenhouses are structures designed for gardening enthusiasts to cultivate plants, flowers, vegetables, and herbs in a controlled environment within their residential property. These structures provide an ideal setting for year-round gardening, allowing individuals to grow a variety of plants regardless of the external weather conditions.

Features of Home Greenhouses: climate control, protection, extended growing season, customization, plant diversity.

Custom conservatories

Custom conservatories are specialized structures designed to create a unique and controlled environment for plants, similar to greenhouses but often featuring more architectural elements and aesthetic considerations. These structures, also known as custom greenhouse conservatories, blend the functions of a traditional greenhouse with the beauty and elegance of a conservatory, creating a space that seamlessly integrates into the home’s design. Key features of custom conservatories for greenhouses: Architectural Design, Versatility, Aesthetic Appeal, Functionality.

Skylights and solar structures for greenhouses

Skylights and solar structures play pivotal roles in optimizing light exposure, regulating temperature, and promoting energy efficiency. They contribute to creating an ideal environment for plant cultivation by harnessing natural sunlight while providing the necessary mechanisms for temperature control and energy utilization. Both skylights and solar structures contribute to energy efficiency, offering sustainable solutions by utilizing natural sunlight to reduce dependency on artificial lighting and energy sources.

Spa and pool enclosures for greenhouses

Spa and pool enclosures are structures designed to cover and enclose swimming pools or spas, providing several benefits:

  • Weather Protection: Enclosures shield pools and spas from the elements, including rain, wind, and debris.
  • Extended Usage: By creating a controlled environment, enclosures allow pool or spa owners to enjoy their amenities year-round.
  • Reduced Maintenance: Enclosures can decrease maintenance efforts by minimizing debris accumulation, such as leaves and insects, and reducing the frequency of cleaning required for the pool or spa.
  • Aesthetics: These structures can enhance the overall aesthetics of the pool or spa area, providing an elegant enclosure that complements the property’s design.
Our work
Our Services 

Our Services 

  • Installation of Greenhouses. We specialize in providing comprehensive services tailored to meet your greenhouse needs.We excel in the professional and meticulous installation of greenhouses. Whether you’re seeking a small-scale personal greenhouse or a larger commercial structure, our team ensures precise assembly, adhering to safety standards and manufacturer specifications.
  • Installation of Greenhouse Systems. In addition to greenhouse construction, we offer installation services for various greenhouse systems. From irrigation setups to climate control systems, our skilled technicians adeptly install these crucial systems to ensure optimal functionality for your greenhouse.
  • Repair of Greenhouse and Greenhouse Systems. Over time, wear and tear or unforeseen issues might affect your greenhouse or its systems. Our dedicated repair services address these concerns promptly. Whether it’s repairing structural elements of the greenhouse or troubleshooting issues within the installed systems, we’re committed to restoring optimal functionality.
Why choose Kozel LLC Greenhouse builders?

We and our satisfied clients recommend choosing our company, LLC Kozel, for greenhouse installation and assembly. Why us? It's because our team consists solely of professionals with extensive experience in greenhouse setup and installation. Our installers possess all the necessary skills required for the job. Additionally, we offer competitive prices because our goal is to satisfy the customer, not to maximize profits.

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