Brick & Stone Power Washing Services

Maintaining a house in perfect order requires a lot of time and effort from the owners. A house requires not only routine cleaning of the interior but also careful care of the facade, which is exposed to weather conditions. It is almost impossible to cope with all types of pollution on your own without special equipment. It is much more profitable and cheaper to seek the stone power washing services of professional cleaners in New Jersey.

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Brick and Stone Surfaces We Power Wash

The house’s first and most important impression depends on the facade’s condition. It also takes on the shock load in the form of precipitation, winds and scorching sun. Power washing the facade may include various operations, depending on the material from which it is made:

• first of all, organic deposits on walls and roofs are removed;

• removal of mineral deposits by deep washing the façade and windows of the cottage;

• applying detergents to the foundation;

• washing a wooden house and all decor by hand;

• dirt from siding, brick and stone is removed with a dense stream of water.

In addition, the nature of cleaning is influenced by seasonal characteristics.

So, in the warm season, most of the time is devoted to removing organic debris (seeds, pollen, small insects). In winter, facade cleaning also includes cleaning gutters and walls from ice and removing snow from roofs. Industrial climbers are involved in some operations if the building has three floors or higher. Washing cottages with fewer floors use external ladders and collapsible scaffolding.

Brick House and Patio Power Washing

If facades are not washed, all materials will lose their protective properties over time and may become unsafe for health. Wood, brick and stone are inevitably exposed to external influences and biological damage. If all these traces of the natural environment are not destroyed, bacteria and fungi multiply favorably on this basis, which inevitably penetrates the premises.

By power washing the facades of buildings without streaks, traces of dirt, or residues of biological damage is a necessary procedure that experts recommend performing at least once a year. Considering the variety of special products for washing facades and the perfection of washing technology, you can count on a lasting effect.

Stone Home and Patio Power Washing

Cleaning is often a rather cumbersome and tedious task. Moreover, washing and cleaning surfaces from dirt stuck after rain or formed from dust. The culture and well-being of the owners are often judged by the house’s cleanliness, paths around the house, buildings, transport and household items. Power washing allow you to easily and without significant effort deal with even severe dirt and keep your home area and equipment clean.

Advantages of Brick and Stone Cleaning Services

No matter how paradoxical it may sound, the main advantage of professional cleaning is cost-effectiveness. By using the brick cleaning service near me, you will save a lot of resources:

• there is no need to spend money on expensive equipment and special chemicals, which, if used a couple of times a year, are more likely to deteriorate than run out. And without them, cleaning will not be as effective;

• the precious hours that you would spend cleaning exterior and roofs can be devoted to more important matters — relaxation, communication with loved ones, work, chores in the garden;

• physical effort. The cottage is sparkling clean, and you are cheerful and energetic — isn’t this the perfect cleaning?

In our work, we use cleansers that are safe for health and effective. These helps get rid of all types of contaminants in the shortest possible time and are suitable even for allergy sufferers.

Residential Brick and Stone Cleaning with Soft Power Wash Service

Soft power washing of building facades is a procedure that cleans the external walls of a building from all types of dirt. It is necessary for any building, even if its status is not important. The procedure performs not only an aesthetic function but also extends the service life of the facing material. Not all homeowners know about this when they decide to save on an inexpensive and useful service.

Washing building facades involves completely removing all contaminants from the surface of the covering material. The goal of the procedure is to maintain the material’s neatness and attractive appearance and protect it from premature wear.

Why Choose Professionals from Kozel LLC

Our company can handle any order. We employ not only ordinaly cleaners but also highly specialized professionals — window cleaners, industrial climbers, stone, wood and plaster cleaning specialists.

Kozel LLC cleaners work seven days a week and seven days a week.

The only criterion for the quality of brick cleaners near me is our client’s opinion. We will correct the shortcomings until you accept our work.

Cleaners use only professional equipment and special detergents. You don’t need to buy either the first or the second. We will bring with us everything you need for quality cleaning.


Can You Get Brick Surfaces Power Washed? arrow

Do not use high-pressure washers unless absolutely necessary. They can destroy old bricks or partially wash out the mortar from the joints, so that’s a more gentle method.

Can You Get Stone Surfaces Power Washed? arrow

We take a safer approach to stone cleaning to prevent exposure to excess moisture and protect your investment.

Is Power Washing Environmentally Friendly? arrow

It is environmentally friendly and has a low carbon footprint.

What Are the Benefits of Professional Power Washing? arrow

There are three main benefits: saving time, water and money.

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