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For high-quality fence painting near me that will not cause trouble later you can contact our company in New Jersey. We successfully specialize in painting any industrial and civil objects. We provide discounts and hold seasonal promotions for all types of our work.

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Our Fence Staining Services

Today the role of fencing has increased even more since in modern conditions the fence has become one of the simplest but most effective means of security.

Enclosed structures are made of wood, metal, concrete, brick, natural stone, and a number of other artificial materials. The service life of a fence depends not only on the material of manufacture but also on the type of coating applied to it.

We Work with All Materials

Each type of fence has its characteristics, which inevitably affect the characteristics of its  painting. Wooden and metal fences especially require painting, the traditional coating of which is a unique paint for exterior work which is well resistant to mechanical stress and the forces of nature: snow, rain, hail, and ultraviolet radiation. Such enclosing structures require periodic updating of the coating by professional painters. Our company works with many materials to ensure that your fence looks luxurious after the work is completed. The price for painting fences involves cleaning the old paint, applying a primer coat and painting in two layers. In addition if there is damage to the fence measures are taken to restore it.

Wooden fences

Wooden fences require meticulous care since wood loses its strength and appearance quickly. Without appropriate protection in the form of a paint coating it quickly darkens and absorbing moisture begins to rot. Painting a wooden fence from our company allows you to increase its service life several times. When spraying protective material using an airless method the paint breaks up into small drops which penetrate the smallest pores of the wood under the influence of high pressure. A wooden fence receives high-quality protection from moisture, thermal aging and fire while acquiring a uniform, durable, and beautiful coating.

Aluminum fences

Painting aluminum fences is a popular service. It is necessary to give structures an original, attractive look. Special paint also protects against the negative influence of aggressive environments and mechanical damage. Due to the durable, uniform and environmentally friendly coating the fence will last much longer. To carry out work our fence painters near me use only durable, proven materials.

Vinyl fences

Vinyl fences are a unique design with a high level of resistance to corrosion and rust and do not rot over time. If you install such a fence before selling your house the price of the entire yard will increase sharply. Therefore over time this will be the most profitable investment. If you need vinyl fence staining near me please contact our company.

Chain-link fences

The manufacturer produces chain-link mesh, usually galvanized. This coating provides good protection against rust. Nevertheless creating an additional protective layer is not an unnecessary measure. The painted mesh is better protected from the corrosion process and it looks much more attractive.

PVC fences

PVC and polycarbonate fences are widely used in private construction. Such fences enclose country houses, gardens, and summer cottages. They are used to delimit the local area and divide it into functional zones. At Kozel LLC, you can order the painting of a PVC fence on a turnkey basis.

Wrought-iron fences

Our company offers the manufacture and iron fence painting near me of forged products: gazebos, canopies, bridges, fences, and lanterns. We manufacture and install everything you need for exterior and interior decoration. All products are painted to protect the metal from corrosion and create an aesthetic appearance. The harmony of the overall design also depends on the chosen color. Our handymen select the right colors and apply durable powder coatings.

Metal fences

Metal is metal. Under continuous exposure to adverse environmental conditions, it undergoes oxidation and corrosion. If such problems arise, it is necessary to repaint the fence’s surface, having first carefully removed the rust mechanically or chemically. To carry out work our painters use only durable, proven materials.

Fence Staining for Practically Any Species of Wood

Stain is often used to color and protect wooden surfaces. It favorably emphasizes the natural texture of wood, giving it the chosen shade.

Meanwhile our fence painting services include painting almost any type of wood. Our painting services include:

  • Pine fences
  • Cedar fences
  • Cypress fences
  • Redwood fences
  • Oak fences
  • And more!
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Benefits of Fence Painting & Staining

Benefits of Fence Painting & Staining

Painting a fence is a procedure that may be required in various situations. It is believed that painting extends the life of the fence. At the same time one cannot fail to note the aesthetic component. The painted structure looks impressive and thanks to the proper selection of shades the fence can harmoniously fit into almost any landscape and architectural ensemble.

Our company can paint fence from any material. First of all painting is required for fences made using welded technologies. Wooden fences are often coated with paint for protection and a decorative appearance. They paint concrete fences, metal fences and even forged ones.

Why Choose Professional Painters & Stainers from Kozel LLC

At the customer's request we can carry out the optimal selection of modern, inexpensive, high-quality materials and components that meet all requirements. Our professional contractor will consider all the operational features of a building, industrial facility and engineering structure.
Only certified fence painters near me with all approvals. Preparation and execution of work by standards and rules.
Mandatory discounts for regular customers. Discounts on facility subscription services, the volume of work performed, large areas, materials and components — optimal prices for each of our customers.

Should I Paint or Stain My Fence? arrow

Painting a fence is mandatory for those who want to keep their fence in its original form for a long time.

How much does fence painting cost? arrow

The cost of painting fences depends on many factors: fence material, quality, and damage. For more detailed information on the cost of work, contact our specialists.

How often should I paint or stain my fence? arrow

The fence should be painted at least once every 2-3 years.

How long does fence painting or staining take? arrow

On average from 1 to 3 working days, depending on the order volume and the need to order paint.

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