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Toilet installation near me from Kozel LLC in New Jersey is your go-to source for installing and maintaining toilets. We can solve any issue you are facing. With our team of experienced technicians, we can handle complicated toilet fixes as well as complete toilet install. If you need both plumbing and toilet services or heating, give us a call. We don't expect any obligations in exchange for our free estimate.

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Typical Issues with Domestic Toilets

The following are some of the most typical toilet-related complaints from our customers:

  • A flush that is not strong enough to work;
  • A powerful yet unfinished flush;
  • After every flush, the toilet tank is filled with water;
  • The water level in the bowl continuously decreases;
  • Two consecutive flushes of the toilet;
  • Sounds are made while the water tank fills up;
  • Filling the tank takes a long time;
  • Following tank filling, there’s a sound like leaking;
  • The flush of the toilet is rather slow;
  • When the toilet is flushed, the sink and tub gurgle.

Don’t worry if any of these problems are plaguing you. All of these issues and more may be resolved by our team of skilled experts! Tell us about your problem, and we’ll come up with a fix.

We Install Every Kind of Toilet

We provide a wide range of toilet options, which we install based on your requirements and preferences:

  • Traditional toilet: Among the most popular choices, appropriate for typical home settings;
  • Bio-toilets: An eco-friendly substitute that is perfect for locations without sewage connection;
  • Toilets with a rinse function: These low-cost, eco-friendly toilets require very little water when they are rinsed;
  • Bidet toilets: With a built-in bidet function, they offer increased comfort and hygiene;
  • Toilets that hang: A chic and contemporary solution that maximizes bathroom space;
  • Children’s restrooms: Specifically crafted for young children, including a cozy form and dimensions;
  • Dry Bio Toilets: These toilets are effective and environmentally friendly, and they work well in isolated locations without the need for water.

You may be certain that we will provide you with the greatest option possible when selecting a toilet, one that blends environmental friendliness, functionality, and convenience.

Toilet Repair Services

Repairing broken or cracked porcelain is part of our toilet installation and maintenance of toilet repair services near me in addition to flushing and draining systems. Designed for comfort and durability is ensured by the quick repair of minor chips. In the event of significant damage, our plumbing professionals will suggest and fix a replacement unit that meets all of your requirements for features, size, and design.

Replacement Toilet Services

Your plumbing fixtures will receive dependable and high-quality treatment from our toilet replacement near me service. We carry out the meticulous dismantling of obsolete fixtures, the substitution of obsolete pipes, and the expert service installation of new toilets.

Working together, our group of skilled professionals will ensure that the job is completed quickly and with minimal possible disturbance to you. We adhere to current safety standards and use only the highest-quality materials. We provide a professional approach and satisfaction whether toilet replacement services are needed in your house, workplace, or business area.

Why Prefer Kozel LLC Specialists?

You should pick your installer company Kozel LLC for all of your toilet requirements for several reasons. These are but a handful:

  • Professionals with expertise in installing and fixing toilets. Our team of plumbers specializes in both toilet installation and maintenance. You can trust that your toilet is in excellent hands since they are bonded, insured, and licensed. This implies that we can do the task swiftly and effectively;
  • No Unexpected Fees. We think it’s important to be open and truthful with our clients. We don’t have any additional fees or charges because of this. Before we even start the task, you’ll know precisely what you’re paying for;
  • 100% satisfaction is assured. Without your happiness, we can’t be happy. We thus provide a satisfaction guarantee for all of our services. Fixer guarantees to make things right if you’re not happy;
  • Neat and polite assistance. Toilet installers near me are aware that having guests at your house might cause disturbances. The plumber always keeps things tidy and behaves politely while working because of this. We promise to leave your place as good or better than when we found it.

The top company in New Jersey for restroom facility installation and refurbishment services is your team at Kozel LLC. Our staff consists of plumbers in toilet installation and maintenance, and we maintain a professional and polite appearance while working. To arrange a consultation for your toilet installation or repair requirements, contact us right now!


Why is Professional Toilet Installation Necessary? arrow

Professional toilet installation is essential to ensure operation, leak prevention, safety, and manufacturer’s warranty.

Why is my toilet leaking at the base? arrow

The most likely cause of your toilet bowl base leak is a broken O-ring between the toilet bowl and the floor. This can be the effect of improper mounting or normal wear and tear.

Are chemical drain cleaners safe for my toilet? arrow

The strong composition of chemical drain cleaning products can cause damage to the toilet bowl, thus it is not advisable to use them.

Should I switch to a low-water toilet? arrow

Changing to a less expensive toilet may help the environment and save money on water usage.

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