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The use of Awning Installation near me and canopies in modern architecture is one of the simplest and most inexpensive ways to give both the appearance of a building and the design of its interiors an additional, original and unique ambience.
However, in addition to their aesthetic purpose, these structures have their immediate functions - protection from environmental influences. Preventing the negative effects of precipitation and solar radiation, canopy do not limit natural light and air flows, providing comfortable conditions. The use of canopies is especially common in elite country and cottage housing construction.
Our specialists in NJ carry out the construction and design of suspended structures of any size and functional complexity.

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Types of Awnings

The roof design may vary. The simplest and most common is a pitched roof.

Often it is made gable. In gazebos and terraces for relaxation, the roof is made in the form of a pyramid, and sometimes even in the Chinese style with edges curved up.

With the advent of flexible roofing materials, arched roofs covered with polycarbonate have become popular. Bent trusses for them can only be made on a special machine.

Next, we will look at all types of awnings that our company installs:

Awnings That Open And Close

Elbow awnings are retractable awnings, strong, reliable and durable structures.

Our assortment includes 18 types, budget, reinforced, in a box, with crossing elbows, with LED backlighting and others. They will protect you from the sun and light rain. And the shuttlecock on the awning will serve as an advertisement if you place an inscription it.

Motorized Awnings

Motorized awnings installation allows you to spend more time outdoors with the whole family, even in very hot or rainy weather.

Stationary Patio Awnings

For those looking for a more permanent solution, our stationary awnings are a great choice. They provide permanent shade and cover over windows, doors or patios. Built to withstand a variety of weather conditions, they offer a durable solution for protecting outdoor areas.

Motorized Retractable Awnings

Our motorized retractable awnings are best sellers and help extend the life of your awning by providing protection from adverse weather conditions. Motorized retractable awnings make life easier; offer all the benefits of our other products and come in a compact package! If you’re looking for awning installation services, don’t be afraid to ask how a motorized retractable awning can take your outdoor space to the next level.

SolarShield Retractable Awnings

The SolarShield retractable awning installation near me is the only retractable awning with side arms and a spring-loaded arm designed to withstand high winds, heavy rains and severe storms. SolarShield’s strength and durability reduces the impact on both the awnings and your home.

Commercial Retractable Awnings

Commercial Retractable Awnings is one of the most popular external sun protection systems in New Jersey, which are used both in commercial premises and private facilities. They have gained great popularity due to their attractive appearance and compactness when folded.

Awnings often serve as advertising media due to the ability to print a logo on the fabric.

The materials that I often use on awnings are 100% acrylic with a special Teflon impregnation, which protects the fabric from mold, fading and contamination.

Surely, you have often observed the summer areas of restaurants, cafeterias, pastry shops, pubs, where tables on the streets are standing in the shade. Most often, this shadow is created with the help of retractable awnings. The price for patenting a summer area in NJ is quite high, so it is not profitable for many establishments to equip a full-fledged summer area on summer terraces.

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Materials and Styles: Choices Galore

Whether you prefer the modern appeal of metal awning installation near me, the classic charm of fabric awnings, or the durability of vinyl awnings, our selection will not disappoint. We offer awnings in a variety of colors, patterns and materials to complement the look of your property and reflect your personal style.

Enjoyable Outdoor Living with Decks and Patios

An integral part of any home is the outdoor living space. Whether it’s a warm summer day or a cool fall evening, spending time on your deck or patio can be a great experience. That’s why we offer custom solutions for your decks and patios, helping you design an outdoor space that suits your style and needs. Complement this with one of our superior awnings and you have a comfortable and stylish outdoor oasis!

Why Choose Professional Installers from Kozel LLC

We have been on the market for a long time and therefore we can confidently guarantee only the highest quality of products. Our company values its customers and is ready to offer you only high-quality service. You will not only be able to select the appropriate model, but also receive professional advice from our awninginstallers. Choose different types of awnings for yourself and always enjoy a charming canopy. The primary task of our company is to organize and provide you with comfort and protection!



Professional awning installers near me, pergolas, electric curtain rods and automation for roller blinds throughout New Jersey.

There are always discounts

There are always discounts

There are promotions and discounts on the entire range of products.



Our company's contractors will perform any complexity of work on installing awnings.



Warranty obligations for awnings and work done.


How Long Do Awnings Last? arrow

You’ll find that awnings last around 5-15 years, but don’t focus too much on the lower end of the lifespan. Our professional awning installation services will lay the foundation for a long-lasting awning.

Are Awnings Waterproof? arrow

The fabric for making awnings has a waterproof base, resistant to ultraviolet radiation and other climatic influences.

Can I put an awning on the front of my house? arrow

An awning is a lightweight canopy and excellent protection from the sun and rain for a terrace and balcony. The awning also protects the interior of your home during sunny weather, and you can install it right in front of the house.

How do I choose an outdoor awning? arrow

It is best to entrust the installation of awnings in New Jersey to the professionals of Kozel LLC. Our installers have a sufficient level of technology knowledge and installation skills.

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