Sliding Door Installation & Repair

A broken door leaf with a roller mechanism is not a pleasant situation. Having discovered a problem, the homeowner immediately intends to contact specialists in New Jersey. There is no need to rush - sliding door repair near me and installation of sliding doors can be done with the help of a service.

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Sliding Glass Patio Door Repair

Patio doors are panoramic sliding glass doors using roto Patio fittings. They are practical and convenient; in a country home, they allow you to achieve maximum visibility, and in a city home, they save precious meters.

Sliding systems have replaced traditional swing structures and are rapidly gaining popularity among users. The reason for the appearance of such doors was the desire to save interior space and preserve the presentable exterior of the house by removing numerous doors and partitions.

Kozel LLC repairs and installs turnkey Patio doors!

Track Repair

If the door track is faulty or broken, you must take immediate action and call our technician. A damaged track prevents the sliding door from opening or closing.

One of the most common reasons for doors sticking is debris in the roller path. Accumulated dust and debris can clog the track and affect the smooth sliding of the door. Regularly using a wire brush to clean the driveway will help prevent this problem.

If the track is bent or worn, you can repair it with a hammer. Remove the door from the bottom track. Use a level to see surface distortion. Tighten the screws that hold the guide in place. Check again with a level whether the unevenness has disappeared or not. If not, use a hammer and a block of wood to gently tap where the surface is curved to change the position.

We saw how simple everything is, but only for professionals with extensive experience in this field.

If difficulties arise because sliding door track repair near me can be complicated, contact our specialists; they will definitely help you and do their job professionally and efficiently. Call the sales department; experienced managers will advise on all your questions and help you choose the required sliding doors.

Roller Repair

Sliding glass door roller repair near me are difficult to close or open, even if the track is clean and working properly. If this is your case, the rollers may be worn out from rubbing against the track. Top rollers can also be a problem. If they do not work correctly, the entire load from the door’s weight will be transferred to the lower rollers, leading to their rapid wear.

Remove the door from the track to repair the rollers and place it on a flat surface. Study the videos. Are they broken, bent, or simply weakened?

If the problem is a loose roller, tighten the screws. If this doesn’t work, replace the old screws and use a screwdriver to secure the roller to the door. If the problem is a broken or bent roller, you must replace it.

Most roller problems are caused by dirt, debris, or pet hair stuck around the wheel. To avoid problems, clean your rollers regularly.

Sliding Screen Door Repair or Rescreen

Whether your screen door needs maintenance, is torn, or requires the screen to be reinstalled, Goat LLC can handle it all. We service all sizes of screen doors. Our sliding screen door installation near me also includes checking screen door rollers and tracks.

Lock Repair Service

Sliding glass doors are generally used without locking mechanisms, but sometimes, it is necessary to lock the door—the wrong choice of fasteners and accessories. A specialist must select suitable locks and handles. Only he can consider all the door strength, maneuverability, weight, and opening method requirements and select the necessary components. It’s up to the owner to choose the design of the door, the shade, and the texture of the glass and handles. Our company will repair your locks.

Handle Replacement

Is it time to buy a new screen door handle? Is the latch broken? Need a new lock for your patio door? We are the company to call. Often, the handles on sliding doors break due to a faulty roller. Sliding doors Kozel LLC will help you!

Why Choose Professional Installers from Kozel LLC

Sliding door repairs are carried out as needed. A specialist from Kozel LLC adjusts hinges, eliminates creaking, replaces broken locks and handles, and restores the integrity of the canvas.

Another option is a complete replacement of the structure during renovation, sometimes combined with widening the doorway. In this case, it is important to follow the correct sequence of work so as not to spoil the canvas and finishing.

The main advantages of our company:

  • The cost does not change during the process
  • Transparent budget. The final estimate is recorded in the agreed acts.
  • The quality of work is a priority for us.
  • Qualified sliding door installers near me.
  • Quickness of work execution.
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