Storm Door Installation

In the USA and New Jersey, storm doors are pretty widespread. This is additional protection for your home in natural disasters and more. What are storm doors, what characteristics do they differ from, what advantages does their installation provide, and whether do they have any disadvantages? In this article, we will consider storm door installation near me.

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What to Know About Storm Doors

A storm door is both a functional and decorative element of the home. This second door is placed in front of the front door to increase the security of the home, both against the elements and against intruders. Storm doors are made in different colors and designs and from various materials. Today’s storm door offers you more than the old, modern doors with a window. It protects the house not only from flying insects but also from the harmful rays of the sun.

Storm Door Styles

All storm doors have something in common — they are almost always transparent to make the front door visible. Such a door consists of a frame and a panel, often glass.

Storm door frames are often made from vinyl-clad aluminum. This coating is similar to the material from which siding is made, and its wear resistance is approximately the same. Steel frame doors will also protect you from the elements and burglars.

Other storm doors include doors with glass windows that can be opened to let in fresh air. Storm doors in the form of a decorative lattice are also quite popular. Our experts will help you select and install storm doors.

Materials for Storm Doors

In some cases, this is a useful and even necessary addition. The storm door also serves as a second entrance. It covers the main entrance door, which may be the most ordinary. The frame of a storm door can be made of steel, plastic, wood, aluminum, or fiberglass. The canvas is traditionally made of tempered glass. This option is the most common. You can open the first front door and see what is happening on the street and who has come to visit.

Why Choose Professional Installers from Kozel LLC

Kozel LLC provides services for the professional installation of storm doors of any design in houses, apartments, offices, and other premises.

Kozel LLC offers a full range of primary and related services for installing doors of all types. The storm door installers near me consist entirely of highly specialized installer with many years of experience and excellent skills in working with complex, expensive professional equipment used in all installation work.

The appearance of an already installed door block depends on the quality work of the installers.

The services of our company’s employees guarantee correct, careful storm door installation near me, thanks to which you will not encounter problems when operating the doors, regardless of the installation location and the door opening method. Correct professional adjustment of door mechanisms will ensure their flawless operation and extend their service life.

Company advantages:

  • work smoothly and quickly, saving clients time;
  • promptly resolve any complex non-standard tasks, ensuring consistently excellent results regardless of the complexity of the installation;
  • provide a guarantee for installation;
  • remove debris upon completion of work;
  • self-possessed, correct, and polite with clients in any situation.
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What size storm door do I need? arrow

Standard storm door sizes are typically 32 or 36 inches wide and 75 or 81 inches high.

How much does it cost to install a storm door near me? arrow

Installing a storm door costs, on average, between $350 and $950, depending on the door’s type, size, and features. Prices for storm doors range from $175 to $600 per unit.

How long does it take to install a storm door? arrow

Typically, installation time for a storm door takes from 2 to 4 hours.

Can I install a storm door by myself? arrow

Experienced homeowners with the right tools can install a storm door themselves. However, hiring a professional to modify the frame and make custom doors is best.

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