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Vinyl siding painting near me is suitable for everyone — inexpensive, accessible, repairable and quite durable, allowing you to decorate the facade of a house quickly. But the material fades in the sun and loses color. Well, or the shade of the facade may simply bore the owners. Changing the color of your vinyl siding home is straightforward and you don't even have to spend a fortune to do it. All it takes is a simple paint job from our company in New Jersey.

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How Professionals Prep and Paint Aluminum Siding

Vinyl siding develops when uncovered to heat making it challenging, but possible, to use a thicker exterior covering. When selecting a color it is more useful to give priority to lighter shades. Employing darker colors may cause the vinyl to warp when uncovered to sunlight. We have a vast preference for colors that work nicely or our exterior vinyl painters can compare colors that can be employed. Just because vinyl requires certain paint shades doesn’t mean your options are limited.

When we begin operating our exterior vinyl siding paint we enjoy making sure it is applied accurately and will avoid causing you problems down the road. Before painting exterior vinyl siding our preparation eliminates damage and cleans the surface needed for the coating to adhere. Once the final coat is applied we will check our work and make adjustments where required.

How Professionals Prep and Paint Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding has many advantages but one of its disadvantages is its baked-on color finish. The material inevitably becomes chalky and fades when exposed to direct sunlight, rain and snow. If your aluminum siding could be better, consider painting it. There are the steps below our company takes to paint aluminum siding.

Inspect & Repair

The first step is to get rid of traces of rust completely. To do this, you can use unique industrial compounds or ordinary kerosene. The surfaces are then treated with a fine-grained abrasive tool, manually or mechanically to remove remnants of the old coating.

Scrape & Scrub

Our painting crew will prepare the aluminum siding for painting by thoroughly cleaning it. It’s most beneficial to employ a force washer and aim the spray where it usually rains, as aiming it from bottom to top can harm the siding. If you employ any cleaning agents wash them off with water as their residues may interfere with subsequent painting.


If the siding is already painted, they remove the flaking paint with a scraper and then sand the remainder down to bare metal employing an orbital sander with a 100-grit abrasive disc. They won’t have to do heavy sanding if they paint over the manufacturer’s baked-in color. You can reen the boards with a sander or wire brush to help them absorb the paint better. The last step is to give the siding a quick hose to remove any dust and allow the siding to dry.


Before painting our team will protect any areas that cannot be painted or are at risk of overspray by masking them with masking tape, plastic sheeting and paper. They’ll place drop cloths on your driveway, plants, cars and anywhere paint could fly and cause damage.


To improve adhesion to paint and provide additional protection against rust, metal siding trim should be primed. In this case you should carefully consider the choice of primer. If the protective layer on the surface of the steel contains aluminum it can react with ammonia in the latex primer and release gas. As a result poor adhesion and premature peeling of the paint are possible. A solution to the problem may be to dilute an oil-based metal primer with paint: for ten liters of primer take about a liter of paint.


There will be no problems with the shade of paint if you need to repaint the entire facade. Painting individual elements will require a careful selection of paint colors. You can take a photo of the material in good lighting (but not in direct sunlight), print it in a professional darkroom and take it to a hardware store. Our specialists will help you choose the right shade from catalogs and will tint the paint using special equipment.

The siding trim is painted with a high-quality acrylic facade to achieve maximum durability and the best decorative effect. For “ship planks” or siding imitating wooden beams, a roller is suitable; “blockhouse” is more convenient to paint with a brush, and a spray gun will help you quickly deal with large surfaces, regardless of their topography.


After the paint has dried all masking materials and rags are removed and discarded. Your home will look new and the siding will last many years.

Clean up

After the paint has dried our specialists remove the tape and rags and clean the area where the work was carried out.

Benefits of Painting Aluminum Siding

Homeowners who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their siding may feel that their only choice is to return the siding but this is different. Here are some advantages of hiring aluminum siding painters rather than returning the siding or just leaving it as is:

  • Cost-effective. Painting your siding will enhance the impression of your home without breaking the bank. It costs significantly less than replacing siding.
  • Change your home. The painting transforms the impression of your home.
Why Choose Professional Painters from Kozel LLC

Why Choose Professional Painters from Kozel LLC

Responsibility and scrupulousness are integral components of aluminum siding painters near me. Every detail affects the final result; giving them due importance will positively impact the finished product. To ensure that the quality of goods produced by Kozel LLC meets customers’ needs and the strict standards requirements, the company controls every stage of work so we can confidently say that customers receive high-class products.

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What types of Exterior surfaces do you paint? arrow

We are painting:

  • All types of siding
  • Brick
  • Facade and garage doors
  • And others.
How many coats of paint do you apply? arrow

Unlike the conventional brush and roller technique, spray painting estimates the thickness of the paint rather than the number of layers. Paint thickness can vary from 4 to 20 mils based on our specific exterior coating.

You can trust that our experienced painting crews have the knowledge, products and experience to provide a lasting factory finish.

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