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What could be more enjoyable than relaxing in the fresh air? A patio is a unique architectural element that blurs the boundaries between the house's interior and the landscape. Depending on the size and location of the patio, it can be a real oasis for relaxation and entertainment. This space improves your quality of life. And if you decide to install a patio at home, you need to consider all the nuances. Over time, everything requires repairs, remodeling and renovation. If you have such a need, you need to contact the specialists of our company for patio repair near me.

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Patios Can Be

A patio is a small area paved with natural stone, gravel, paving stones, or concrete. Its floor should be level with the ground, without any steps, thresholds, or podiums. A patio does not require a roof or walls, but it can share a wall with the house.

The preference of paving stones for your patio relies on your choice.

Stone Patios

This kind of coating can be operated on unpaved areas and raised terraces. When choosing a stone, its main quality will be low moisture absorption. This figure shouldn’t exceed 3%. Such coatings are basalt, slates, and granite. For covered terraces, limestone or sandstone is recommended. This is because these materials have a much higher water absorption rate. Regardless of the material choice, it is laid on concrete or a base of sand and crushed stone. Find stone patio repair near me if there is a need to repair something.

Stone Patios vs Concrete Patios

First option is an extravagant resolution for your outdoor area, but they may be costly! If you’re skimming for something cheaper, think about concrete pavers. It is very long-lasting but can evolve stained and harmed over time.

Brick Patios

If to think about bricks, most likely, your mind will see the familiar, ordinary reddish (clinker) brick made of clay, lime, and sand. However, it is worth noting that you can find bricks of other colors depending on the proportion of ingredients and several other factors. So, if red brick seems unsuitable for you, you can look for products in other colors — gray, brownish, and beige. Modern brick palette includes thousands of shades — from almost black to light gray. To find experts for your brick patio repair near me, contact our company.

Wood Patio Pavings

A wooden patio is the excellent location to relax and spend time with family and mates. A patio made of natural wood gives a cozy and natural atmosphere, creating a feeling of harmony with nature. Here, you may appreciate the fresh air while enjoying the peace and tranquility of country life. The patio is also excellent for a barbecue or picnic, where you can cook delicious meals outdoors. In addition, a wooden cover patio can be the ideal setting for events such as children’s playdates or romantic dinners under the stars. Create a cozy and inviting place to relax and consider in your garden with a wooden patio. In case you need to change or fix something, try to find wood patio repair near me.

Concrete Patios

This highly long-lasting material, has many configurations, various textures, and colors, and can imitate genuine coatings. You can use tiles that have the shape of small planks and imitate a coating similar to parquet. For small patios and landscape gardens, tiles similar to basalt pavers are ideal. The tiles must be laid on a drainage base made of sand layers and various fractions of crushed stone or granite. This coating will ensure effective water drainage. Next, it is compacted using a vibrating plate.

Upgrade Your Patio And Backyard

Do you want to change something in your patio?  We present numerous additional kinds of stone pavers in diverse shades and textures to give your property a distinctive look that impresses visitors.

Wooden deck patio

A deck is an open area designed for relaxation in the warm season. It is the very first impression of the entire house, i.e., your business card. The terrace should have its own style. Natural materials are preferred.

This is precisely why a material such as a wood-polymer composite was created. It has absorbed all the best from wood (beauty, warmth, aroma, texture, environmental friendliness) and polymers (long service life, plasticity, hygiene, aesthetics, resistance to the natural environment). The result is an incredibly effective duet of two materials.

Concrete patio pavers

Concrete patio pavers have numerous advantages:

  • Beautiful: there is a great assortment of shapes, colors, collections, and retail. The most capricious fashionista will find a tile «the same» as in the picture in a fashion magazine;
  • Eco-friendly: no toxins, fumes, harmful additives;
  • Durable: does not burn in fire, does not melt in heat, does not crunch or break in frost;
  • Almost eternal: Of course, this is a slight exaggeration, but high-quality tiles, laid in compliance with technology and even on a properly prepared base, really last for decades.

Brick patio pavers

They are most often utilized for garden paths and parking lots, but this material is no less in demand as a finishing material for terraces, patios, and recreation areas.

Brick pavers are durable and wear-resistant. These particular coating qualities are very important on terraces and patios.

Manufacturers of brick pavers offer a huge selection of colors. Brick pavers can be monochromatic or combine several colors or smooth transitions from one shade to another. There are also special coatings that give the material a metallic shine.

Flagstone patio pavers

Installing a flagstone patio has numerous advantages, including expanded property worth, enhanced outdoor living space, low care and longevity of the material, and its environmentally friendly and tolerable essence.

Pea gravel patio

Landscape designers and homeowners love it for the following benefits:

  • Affordable, the purchase will not hit the family budget.
  • Versatility and the widest possible scope of application.
  • Ease of operation. No special equipment is required; you can do it yourself.
  • Walking, even barefoot, is very pleasant on small, smooth stones.

Slate paving patio

If you like natural stone but can’t afford, there is the way out. Slate is identical but, with one peculiarity: it is much cheaper!

Patio Restoration Service

Despite all the reliability and durability of the materials from which your patio is made, sometimes it needs patio restoration near me. Here you shouldn’t take risks and act on your own, otherwise you can hopelessly ruin everything. In addition, having decided to do it yourself, you will have to purchase special tools. It’s easy to give a new look and update your vacation spot with our experts.

Our experienced specialists evaluate and repair damaged sites operating state-of-the-art approaches and premium materials to restore your patio’s functionality and beauty.

Why Choose Professionals from Kozel LLC

By deciding to build a patio with our company, you will receive several advantages: Tangible money savings; beautiful result; high speed; easy to maintain the finished coating.

Affordable patio renovation prices and professional work of patio repair contractors near me are what you can count on when working with our team. We will implement a project of any complexity — we will make your yard beautiful and cozy!

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