Walkway Cleaning

Walkway cleaning of the area in New Jersey is important in maintaining any facility, be it a shopping center, business center, administrative building, or industrial premises. The surrounding areas are places with high concentrations of people; therefore, they are constantly polluted and require regular maintenance of cleanliness.

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Walkway pressure washing services for your property

Walkway cleaning is cleaning, driveways, steps, etc., operating a cleaner and pressurized water. It’s essential to clean your walkway, terrace to raise curb pull for your house or enterprise. Because mildew, decay, or algae grow on these surfaces, they evolve quite slippery and a health threat. Without regular walkway washing, your crossing poses a severe slip-and-fall hazard.

We operate consolidated cleaning resolutions and high-strength detergents to clean driveways. Concrete is a long-lasting cover that can be washed under high pressure. Because concrete is permeable, pollutants are absorbed into the surface of the concrete and need a lot of pressure to wash it out appropriately. When pressure washing operates biodegradable cleaning outcomes, mud, dirt, and mold are pierced, broken down, pulled out of the pores, and cleaned out.

We can make your walkways look like new

In New Jersey, contact the Kozel LLC company if you need walkway cleaning or cleaning of fences, gates, small architectural forms, and other municipal and private street objects. Our craftsmen clean the streets, courtyard areas, playgrounds and container areas, sculptures, and monuments. When cleaning, high-quality detergents and modern equipment are used to guarantee the effectiveness of the final result.

We offer cleaning services for street housing and communal services facilities on favorable terms; transparency in the calculation of activities is guaranteed. A detailed estimate and contract are drawn up for all work, which is carried out after agreement with the client.

Why Choose Professionals from Kozel LLC

Thanks to many years of experience and qualified personnel, we will cope with the task in the shortest possible time without causing inconvenience to residents. Mechanization allows you to reduce the walkway cleaning time of the local area and increase its efficiency. We have a modern vehicle fleet consisting of various cleaning equipment. Compact watering, washing, sweeping, and cleaning machines are used when cleaning the surrounding area, as well as manual units that allow you to work in tight spaces.

Our advantages:

  • Our employees undergo advanced training courses and are trained to operate special equipment to improve the quality of cleaning the surrounding area.
  • Many years of experience. It allows us to carry out all types of work at a very high level.
  • Modern technology. We try to use manual labor only in difficult areas where mechanical means are impossible. In other cases, walkway cleaning becomes more effective thanks to special machinery and equipment.
  • An integrated approach to solving assigned problems. We consider the problems of each specific territory and help you select the necessary range of services.
  • Any amount of work. We clean both large and small objects with equal care.


Can I pressure wash a walkway? arrow

Unlike pressure washing, which can damage the area, soft washing uses a biodegradable cleaning solution. A gentle wash removes 100% of these bacteria from your runners and keeps them in great condition for years to come.

What is in your soft wash solution, and is it safe? arrow

The chemicals used in the soft wash are safe for residential use.

How frequently do you need to clean a walkway? arrow

Depending on the weather, walkway cleaning once or twice a year is best.

How long will it take? arrow

Each home is individual. Some will only need an hour, while others need the whole day. The average time for completing our work is from 2 to 3 hours.

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