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Stubborn stains, mold, mildew, and moss periodically appear on the decking board. This is due to the porous structure of wood, which expands and contracts due to temperature fluctuations. In hot weather, the pores of the wood expand, and dirt gets in, and when it gets colder, the pores become clogged and form a permanent stain. This is why monitoring the deck's condition is so important.
We recommend cleaning and deck power washing near me once a year to ensure a long life. We clean decks using a brush, deck cleaner, or high-pressure cleaner. Then, we treat the surfaces with wood impregnation.
The Kozel LLC team safely and conveniently services decks in New Jersey.

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Pressure Washing Decks

Most decks our service encounter is made of either wood or composite material. Composite decks are easier to pressure wash than wood decks. Pressure washing wood decking requires additional steps, including sanding, staining, and sealing. Although quite time-consuming, a homeowner could probably handle this job themselves without hiring a professional washing contractor, but it is tedious and quite time-consuming if you don’t have the right equipment.

In addition to a wood or composite deck, you may have retaining walls, pergolas, or walkways made from the same material used on your deck. If you clean your deck, wash these areas to ensure they remain the same age. If you want to tackle the deck cleaning job yourself, there are a few things you need to know before you get started. Deck pressure washing near me is a little different from pressure washing vinyl siding. You can simply apply the cleaner to vinyl siding, let it sit for a few minutes, and then rinse. Unfortunately, wood flooring is not that simple. You need to spray the cleaner, let it sit for a few minutes, and then pressure wash each piece of wood individually from close to not too close. You want to be close enough to remove stains but far enough away so you don’t damage the wood. If dirt or mildew has accumulated on the surface, you may have to scrub away all dirt and debris and then rinse manually.

Deck Materials We Power Wash

The terrace can be wooden or stone. It can also be built from wood-polymer composite. These materials have certain advantages and disadvantages that should be considered before washing. Next, we will look at all types of materials that our company power washes:


We use a combination of environmentally friendly low-pressure cleaning agents to remove stains and restore the natural appearance of your aluminum decks.


They choose decking boards because they are strong and durable. But the main criterion remains to maintain the terrace. After all, no one wants to spend much time washing, scrubbing, sanding, and varnishing their deck every season.

Therefore, composite remains the most popular material for terraces today.


PVC decking boards are easy to use but require regular maintenance. At the same time, cleaning and cleaning methods depend on the season: summer, winter, autumn, and spring. In warm weather, cleaning is reduced to cleaning the decking with soapy water from a hose or using a washing station from our company. Difficult stains must be removed immediately before deep penetration into the structure of the board.


Wooden boards laid near the pool and in other places with high humidity should be regularly treated with protective oil. Otherwise, fungi and mold will very quickly destroy the terrace. In such places, it is necessary to carefully consider the issue of ventilation of the flooring so that it dries out quickly and does not become fertile ground for fungal pathogens.

Benefits of Getting Your Deck Power Washed

In the summer, having a terrace provides considerable advantages: you can sunbathe, retire with your favorite book, or gather friends to have fun together. Wooden terraces are especially loved — because natural wood radiates warmth, making this outdoor space a cozy living room. But wood also has its drawbacks: unlike concrete or stone, some species are very sensitive to external influences. For the terrace to please its owner for a long time, cleaning its boardwalk and properly caring for it regularly is necessary.

A deck board on the floor is often not protected by anything and is exposed to the open sky. Because of this, it quickly becomes dirty and is constantly susceptible to the negative effects of all kinds of weather conditions: ultraviolet rays of the sun, snowfalls, and showers. That is why it is necessary to carry out preventive maintenance from time to time so that the decking board lasts a long time.

Types of Buildup on Decks

Any decks — wooden, stone, or concrete — are constantly in the open air and, as a result, are exposed to the natural influences of wind, rain, and sunlight. They can cause the most serious damage to wood: in particular, constant high humidity in the autumn-winter period can lead to damage to the surface. This should also include the wear and tear caused by using the terrace in the warm season: people rest on it, eat, celebrate holidays, etc., as a result of which scratches, cracks, and stains form on the wooden boards.

How We Clean Decks with Pressure Washing

You can also use a pressure washing to care for a wooden terrace. However, this must be done carefully, and our specialists know this: wood is a relatively soft material, which, depending on the species and processing, can be very sensitive to mechanical stress. Therefore, it is necessary to select the correct operating mode of the device and use suitable accessories. Additionally, to avoid damage, testing on an inconspicuous area is always recommended first. When setting up pressure washing, we consider the condition of the wood, the method of its processing, and the presence or absence of a protective paint coating. The general rule is that the more sensitive the material, the less pressure should be applied.

Pool Deck Power Washing Services

At Kozel LLC, we will protect your deck with our safe pressure washing techniques. We use biodegradable cleaning products that remove stains, and they are also 100% safe to use on your deck.

We also use the soft wash method, which uses low pressure to clean your deck. This method allows us to clean difficult areas without damaging your deck.

Why Choose Professionals from Kozel LLC

The main advantages of our deck pressure washing company near me:

  • It’s safe with us. We use safe cleaning products for people and pets.
  • It’s convenient with us. We bring everything we need with us.
  • We give a guarantee. We guarantee 100% cleanliness and use the right tools to avoid damaging the surface.
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