Mailbox Installation Services

More than merely holding mail, a well-designed mailbox may improve the curb appeal and give a touch of individuality to your house. There are several styles of mailboxes, including ones that are mounted on post, walls, and columns, and each has a distinct appearance.
Installations of a new mailbox on your property might be a wise move. Incorporating it into your home's exterior design may enhance its appeal and leave a positive impression on guests or passersby.
You may install the ideal mailbox for you and make it a lovely addition to your house with the service assistance of Kozel LLC in New Jersey and mailbox installation services near me.

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Mailbox Assembly and Installation for Homes and Businesses

For both residential mailbox installation near me and business mailboxes, we provide expert assembly and installation services. Our skilled crew will build a mailbox that meets your demands and is secure, strong, and visually beautiful. Whether you want a traditional or contemporary design, we handle every step of the process, from assembly to installation.

We place a high value on precision and effectiveness, making sure that your mailbox is installed appropriately and conforms to regional standards. You may rely on us to provide dependable, superior service that will improve your property’s appearance and usefulness.

You Only Need To Unwind While We Install

You don’t even need to be home if our installer has access to your mailbox and a water supply (any household faucet would do). We will notify you as soon as your mailbox is sent and work with the local installer to set up an appointment as soon as feasible.

Your mailbox will be erected to USPS height specifications and concrete-secured upon the arrival of our technician.

Repair Services for Mailboxes

Our mailbox replacement near me services entail the following steps:

  • Consultation: We assist you in selecting the ideal mailbox by considering your needs and preferences;
  • Removal of the old mailbox: To protect the surface, we remove the old mailbox gently;
  • Site preparation: We tidy and get the area ready for the new box;
  • Setting up the new box: Use strong fasteners to firmly secure the new mailbox;
  • Examining and completing the finishing touches: Check to make sure the installation is accurate and, if needed, carry out extra work to enhance the look.

Because Kozel LLC wants you to be completely satisfied with your new mailboxes and high-quality service, our specialists are solely concerned with long-term service.

Advantages to Select Kozel LLC Professionals

When it comes to mailbox installation or maintenance, our contractors are your go-to company. It might be challenging to perform installation and maintenance on your own, and they can eat up valuable time that you don’t have. Let our knowledgeable installer handle your problem rather than squandering your time.

If your mail box needs to be securely cemented into the ground, our professional technicians can fix and repair it. The contractor will also handle any installation. Several things can go wrong with your mailbox in the end. It just remains outside, exposed to all kinds of weather conditions. As a result, to guarantee its security, your mailbox has to be configured correctly.

For the price of mailbox installers near me or any necessary repairs, we will send you a free estimate. Please feel free to ask company Kozel LLC any questions you may have regarding our service if you have any problems or queries.


What's included in mailbox installation? arrow

Digging a hole for the post, burying it in the ground, fastening the mailbox to the post, and making sure everything is stable and aligned are the usual steps in mailbox installation. It could also entail adhering to local laws regarding height and location, as well as the addition of concrete for stability if needed.

Will the installer apply lettering to the mailbox? arrow

No, applying stickers is not part of the installation process. After the item is mounted, stickers must be attached.

Will the installer remove my old cluster mailbox? arrow

Indeed! Your old pedestal-mounted mailbox will be taken out and disposed of by our specialists. This handy solution is available for a cheap $150 fixed fee.

Why should I hire a pro to install my mailbox? arrow

Pedestal mailbox installation can be a difficult undertaking. It can be handled more effectively by an expert, saving you both money and effort.

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