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Deck repair near me is one of the most popular requests from individuals and representatives of the business environment today. Turnkey repair is restoring the working condition of a construction project or part of it.

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Decks today occupy a leading position in construction since open areas, for example, allow the restaurant business to stay afloat. In addition, there is a noticeable increase in the volume of decks for individual use and their construction during the beautification of parks and squares. Of course, over time, constructed objects experience minor and major damage that requires attention. The winter season causes great damage to open terraces, while in the spring, for example, it is necessary to repair a deck at a house or an outbuilding near a restaurant. This could be a problem with the roof or the flooring — decking boards or foundation supports. In any case, due to large fluctuations in temperature and load on the roof (if any) in winter, you should pay attention to the structure’s integrity and contact specialists near me if damage is detected.
Our company provides a full range of services for repairing decks in New Jersey. The price of the work depends on the type and extent of damage to the object and the area of the project.
We easily resolve issues with flooring and its supports. If necessary, we carry out a complete restoration of the flooring, replacement of aluminum joists, and finishing of walls and floors using advanced construction technologies.

We can help with all of your deck repairs, including:

  • repairing a terrace or porch;
  • tightening loose railings;
  • securing or replacing deck boards;
  • replacing rotten wood;
  • repair damaged, missing, or loose screws, nails, and fasteners;
  • electric washing of terraces and verandas;
  • installation or repair of deck or porch railings;
  • staining or painting terraces;
  • rebuilding the stairs to the terrace or porch;
  • installing a grill under a deck or porch;
  • attaching the deck frame;
  • replacing deck railings with vinyl or composite railings;
  • replacing deck boards with composite;
  • deck repair estimate;
  • building a new deck.

Deck Repairs: How to prioritize

The deck is a great summer vacation spot for the whole family. Over time, defects appear in its elements — cracks, water leaks, loss of performance properties of the floor covering, etc.

There are three main types of deck repairs:

  • major — complete dismantling of the «pie» and terrace fencing, installation of a new terrace
  • planned — regularly carried out renovation of floors and other structures exposed to long-term operational loads;
  • cosmetic — includes replacement of floor coverings, painting, and finishing work that is not urgently necessary.

Wooden deck repair and restoration

To keep a wooden deck looking good, it requires regular maintenance. Otherwise, the boards will quickly begin to patina and deteriorate, affecting the deck’s appearance and durability.

It is worth remembering that this is easier to prevent than to invest money in repairs, which can be time-consuming and costly. Therefore, it is best to regularly renew the decking board to ensure it remains beautiful even after many years.

Important aspects when restoring boards from our company:

  • cleaning wood deck boards;
  • special cleaning products;
  • sanding the deck;
  • oiling the deck.

Why Choose Professionals from Kozel LLC

If you need the services of a team of professional decking repairs, call the handyman of Kozel LLC. We carry out all types of turnkey repair and restorers’ work.

Our company advantages:

  • Quality. High level of work organization and performance skills
  • Experience. We have been performing flawless work for many years.
  • Deadlines. The work is completed within the timeframe agreed upon in advance with the customer.


What's involved in a deck repair? arrow

Three main types of terrace repair – capital, planned, cosmetic.

What are some common deck repairs? arrow

If cracks appear in slabs or rust on metal structures, as well as before glazing or expanding the deck, it is recommended to repair and strengthen it.

Is repairing a deck expensive? arrow

Timely repair of the cottage deck by Kozel LLC will allow you to forget about any problems with the recreation area for a long time, and it will not be expensive.

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