Sink Installation

Sinks are essential, as everyone is aware. It only makes sense to entrust their installation and repair to experts.
The plumbing professionals at Kozel LLC and sink installation near me can assist with service sink installation, replacement, repair, and more! Numerous locations provide trustworthy round-the-clock assistance, and you can rely on us to do the task correctly the first time or correct our errors at no extra expense. Hire us now to assist with your sink projects in New Jersey!

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Sink Types That We Install

You have a lot of alternatives when it comes to changing the sink in your kitchen, laundry room, or bathroom. All sink types may be installed by our skilled professionals, including:

  • Surface mount;
  • Undersink;
  • Twin Bowl;
  • Sink-in;
  • Built-In;
  • Farmhouse;
  • Drop Drawer;
  • Low Divider Double Bowl;
  • Basin Prep;
  • Edge;
  • Undermount;
  • Countertop Vanity;
  • Wall-mount;
  • Plinth;
  • Console and others.

The professional undermount sink installation near me at Kozel LLC can install any kind of sink you choose in your house or place of business.

Benefits of Installing a New Sink

Most individuals wait until their old sink starts to malfunction before considering installing a new one. Replacing your sink has several advantages, such as enhancing the appearance of your room, expanding the amount of space that can be used around the counter, and improving your washing station. It’s time to let an installation specialist from Kozel LLC begin your kitchen sink installation if your faucet is dripping all the time, your sink has mildew or water damage, or your pipes are rusty.


Hiring experts to clear clogged sink repair near me and drains may save you time and effort as well as save any plumbing system damage. Expert plumbers are equipped with the skills, equipment, and expertise necessary to remove obstructions and fix drainage problems. Whether it’s foreign items, oil accumulation, or tree root incursion, they can determine the underlying reason for the blockage and apply the best remedies.

Experts may also offer preventative maintenance advice to assist keep sinks and drains clear of blockages in the future. Hiring experts to unclog sinks and drains guarantees a comprehensive and durable cure for your plumbing issues.

Kitchen Sink Types That We Install

You have the option to install a variety of kinds of kitchen sink fixtures in your house. Here’s a summary of six popular fixture types and their advantages to help you get ready for your next kitchen sink installation service near me project.

Top-mount or Drop-in Sinks

The most typical type of sink seen in houses is a top-mount or drop-in sink. Installing these is typically very easy; the sink is dropped from the top and a hole is made in the counter.

Undermount Sinks

In kitchens, double basin or bowl sinks are frequently used to streamline dishwashing, meal preparation, and cleanup. The most typical practice is to rinse off dishes after washing them on one side.

On other occasions, people in the house will utilize one side for cleaning and the other for meal preparation. Overall, this sink design has several applications.

Double Basin or Bowl Sinks

When it comes to dishwashing, a double-bowl sink’s divider is more useful than a single-bowl sink’s. You can divide up your washing and meal prep duties with its timeless style. In addition to providing dependable double-bowl sink installation services in New Jersey, our team of experts is dedicated to assisting you in selecting a new kitchen fixture.

Farm House or Apron Sinks

A unique style of kitchen sink that has gained popularity recently is the farmhouse or apron sink because of its functionality and distinctive appearance.

These sinks are distinguished by their front panel overhanging the worktop. Because of this, they have a unique «apron» style that makes them look like the vintage sinks that were frequently found in farmhouses and other rural residences. Nowadays, rustic, vintage, and Provence design homes are quite fashionable with farmhouse sinks.

Apron sinks have practical benefits in addition to their appealing appearance:

  • Large cooking tools and even huge plates are easily cleaned because of the deep basin;
  • Cleaning supplies, sponges, and other necessities may be easily placed on the large horizontal area in front of the sink;
  • Water splashing against the walls is prevented by the high sidewalls;
  • The kitchen area seems optically larger when the countertop is flush with it.

Apron sinks are a popular and useful option for contemporary kitchens because they blend sophisticated vintage style with great utility.

Low Divider Double Basin Sinks

For the kitchen, double sinks with a low divider are an easy and useful option. This design comprises two distinct bowls divided by a short wall. This enables you to make effective use of available space and set up areas for various duties, such as meal preparation and dishwashing.

In a low-divide kitchen sink, the central divider reaches barely halfway up the basin. Larger dishes that wouldn’t fit in other sink types can be washed since the washing and rinsing basins are separate.

Construction materials range from durable stainless steel to durable fake stone. This lets you select the choice that most closely resembles the general style of your kitchen.

A New Bathroom Sink Is Required

Every home has three to five sinks, so repairs are inevitable for each one eventually. If needed, Kozel LLC can install new sinks and handle any kind of sink repair on older fixtures. Consider the everyday suffering and frequent usage that sinks go through. Sinks are a necessary element of daily life, regardless of one’s location or identity, as they provide us with access to clean water.

Over time, a sink that requires long-term maintenance will cost more. Standard sinks might have a plethora of issues, but fear not — Kozel LLC can fix kitchen sinks, bathroom sink installation near me, and anything else!

Physical Damage

Large porcelain fractures can soon grow into a serious problem, especially if water continues to leak. Water seeping into the porcelain can hasten the deterioration of your sink, so if you observe this occurring, we advise getting a new sink.

Decreased Water Volume

There might be several causes if you see that the water volume is dropping, including obstructions, mineral accumulation, and leaks. Let’s say you have cleaned your sink many times, yet these issues persist. In that situation, we advise purchasing a new sink to assist enhance water flow, stopping more damage, and having a better overall experience.

Rusty Tap

It is never a good omen to see rust. It will not only eat away at your sink and eventually corrode it, but it can also poison your water. To make sure we assist you in fixing any rusty pipes beneath your walls, we advise getting in touch with a certified plumber at Pinellas if you need a new sink.

Sink Keeps Backing Up

It could be time for a replacement if your sink backs up frequently. These indicators can include broken drain lines, blocked drain pipes, defective seals, or antiquated plumbing. you prevent these problems, be sure you clean your sink frequently and refrain from flushing non-biodegradable materials.

Sink Maintenance

It’s not necessary to replace every sink. Expert repairs can sometimes remedy your issue. Rather than inquiring, «What is the price of a new sink for my kitchen? How can I change my cracked sink in the bathroom?» Get in touch with a specialist at Kozel LLC in New Jersey.

An expert and well-informed member of our team will inspect the damage, decide whether sink repair service near me or replacements are necessary, and provide you with an estimate for the work that needs to be done.

Sink Swap

Installing a new sink and removing the old one are necessary steps in sink replacement near me. It is crucial to take into account the new sink’s dimensions, design, and material to make sure it fits and works correctly. In most cases, the procedure entails shutting off the water supply, removing the old sink, installing the new sink for your kitchen, reconnecting the piping, and caulking the edges.

Complex installation service could need expert help. An effective sink replacement job requires precise measurements and planning.

Why Pick Kozel LLC Workers?

Save time with fast plumbers near me from Kozel LLC and get:

  • Dependable service available around the clock. Sink plumber always has someone accessible to help, around the around-the-clock, thanks to our network of skilled installers in New Jersey, whether you need service right away or would want to obtain a free estimate;
  • Free estimate with no commitment. Give us a call at any time to speak with one of our project professionals or to get a free estimate for the work you’re thinking about doing;
  • Quick assistance. We can send one of our contractors who is local and available to help right immediately when you phone our installer and provide your zip code, saving you time and the headache of contacting many firms.

Give our professionals a call to handle your sink install issue right now!


What is the best kitchen sink material? arrow

Stainless steel is often regarded as the ideal material for kitchen sinks. It is inexpensive, long-lasting, and simple to maintain. Composite, granite, and ceramic materials are also viable choices. The decision is based on price, style, and personal preferences for the kitchen.

How long do sinks last? arrow

When properly cared for, a kitchen sink may last up to 15 years. The substance determines how long something lasts; stainless steel is more durable than ceramic or composite materials. A high-quality sink may last up to 25 years with the right maintenance.

Does a plumber fix a sink? arrow

Yes, plumbers are usually involved in the repair and maintenance of kitchen sinks and sinks. They have the necessary skills and equipment to fix various sink problems such as leaks, clogs, damage, and replacement of plumbing components. Therefore, contacting a professional plumber is the most effective way to solve kitchen sink problems.

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