Crown Molding Painting Services

If you want to create the atmosphere of a cozy home that can be done very quickly with the help of painting crown moldings. The painting of crown molding by our company will be carried out brilliantly. Our specialists have the necessary skills and knowledge.
The company in New Jersey provides a large assortment for crown molding painting from any material. Also it offers its services in choosing them taking into account the specifics of the room.

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Crown Molding Painting Ideas

In modern times stucco decoration ceases to signify wealth and luxury and its use becomes functional. At the same time the appearance of stucco decoration has changed so much that it is now called not stucco but profiles, moldings, baseboards and crown molding. That is the name that determines the purpose of this product.

  • Fireplace mantels
  • Baseboards
  • Ceilings
  • Curved Areas
  • Wainscoting
  • Door Casings

Trim Painting

Trim is an aesthetically beautiful and environmentally friendly product that enhances the appearance of any home, whether on windows or doors. Proper care is required to maintain the attractive appearance of trim and extend its service life. Surface painting is the most critical process. It will protect wooden frames from negative influences. For example, the frame is constantly exposed to sunlight, rain, frost, and wind from the street side. On the inside, there is water condensation and dry air and also from the point of view of the interior design that you want to change. You need high-quality trim painting to avoid all this or change your interior. Our trim painting services can help you meet all your trim painting service needs.

Painting Baseboards

You can use varnish or paint. If the baseboard is painted, the work takes place in stages. First the master checks the product for defects and traces of glue that need to be removed. Then you should remove dust from the surface of the baseboard. Dust removal is carried out using special equipment. The next stage is sanding and tinting of natural wood blanks.

Painting the baseboard is only complete with a preliminary primer. After the first painting the product’s surface can be processed smoothly. The workpieces are placed in a spray booth and wiped with a «sticky» cloth to remove the smallest dust particles. The second coat of paint is applied after the first ball completely dries. The surface of the wooden baseboard should be dry without greasy stains. After painting the joinery product is transferred to drying. Drying requires a temperature of 35-60°C and air humidity of up to 80%.

Painting Window

Window painting is a relatively new, highly focused service that includes changing the color of plastic or aluminum windows and preparing a room or facade for painting to preserve all adjacent surfaces without any damage.

With our professional service for painting windows at home you can paint the windows outside and inside the house without dismantling them and unnecessary construction waste while choosing any shade —  to match the color of the facade, doors and other exterior details of your house (or the color of the walls, floor or furniture in the interior).

Here's How the Process Works

  • Simple free consultation. Prepare a free, no-obligation talk online or contact us. We’ll examine your house and supply a custom, clear quote, including cost and plan.
  • Keep the date —  if you enjoy what you listen to, we’ll prepare your painting day.
  • The contrast is one day. Our social painters will complete a quality painting job on time and within funding.
  • Outstanding effects. We’ll give you a walkthrough before you depart and match in afterward to ensure you’re happy. Our work comes with a 2-year guarantee!
Why Select Professional Painters from Kozel LLC

Why Select Professional Painters from Kozel LLC

The Kozel LLC company has a large staff of highly qualified specialists, masters of paint and varnish art who individually approach each job fulfilling all the requirements of the projects. Main advantages of the company:

  • Only full-time craftsmen.
  • Highly qualified trim painters near me.
  • Speed of work completion.
  • The responsible person is before you.
  • Interchangeability of craftsmen and equipment.
  • Strict adherence to technology.
  • We are not afraid of innovation.
  • Responsibility for recommended material.

Ask a Kozel customer

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What is crown molding? arrow

Molding is a kind of trim employed around the frame of a ceiling and seated mainly for cosmetic and aesthetic objectives.

What paint should I use for painting crown molding and trim? arrow

You can only operate water-based dyes to paint the crown molding and trim. These contain the subsequent paints: acrylic is the most common option.


What are some tips for painting? arrow

If you paint crown molding a light color use primer and two coats of paint to ensure suitable coverage. Always permit each coat to dry for the time shown on the product label.

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