Power Washing Services

A seasonal wash will help restore the building's facade to a presentable appearance. With the arrival of spring, many houses lose their attractiveness, thereby scaring away visitors. Stubborn stains, efflorescence and graffiti are the main problems that house owners must deal with every season.
It is often impossible to do this with full-time cleaning department employees, so it is worth inviting professionals who will quickly, carefully and efficiently clean up the outside of the building with power washing services near me in NJ.

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What Substances We Can Wash

We have the instruments and knowledge to venture into any cleaning task. We can work with a type of substances, including:

  • Mildew
  • Seaweed
  • Gum
  • Fungus
  • Grime
  • Moss
  • Disgraces
  • Mud

Advantages of Routine Power Washing

This type of cleaning is used to clear efflorescence and clean brick and painted walls. There are two main benefits of Power Washing:

firstly, you may clean porous or uneven surfaces;

secondly, it is possible to remove mechanically durable contaminants (concrete drips, paint stains, etc.)

The specified work on washing facades imposes serious requirements on the qualifications of climbers — only a competent specialist will be able to blast away all the dirt with a jet without generating harm to the facade itself.

The Perfect Power Wash Difference

We have been helping to keep houses and businesses neat for many years. Don’t entrust your house to just anyone; plan with the finest!

  • Experienced contractors.
  • Best-in-class tools.
  • Secure and efficient process.

Residential Power Washing Services

Kozel LLC company is your authority for experienced residential pressure washing services near me. Make your house shine with our complete service, which contain:

  • House Cleaning: A pressure washer is the ideal tool when you need to clean up your home. You should not use a mop to clear dust, dirt, and moss.
  • Cleaning and sealing concrete. Clearing mud and waste from driveways and sidewalks can immediately improve your belongings. After total cleaning, we use a deep penetration sealer to save your concrete from chips and breaks.
  • Washing the patio. Whether you’re having a cozy evening or pitching a party, a pure recreation space is important. Entrust us to repair your patio safely and efficiently.
  • Fence washing: We have the understanding, tools, and background to get you the talk of the town in no time.

House Washing: The Importance of Residential Pressure Washing

Do you need to wash the facade or roof of a country house in New Jersey? The company offers various benefits for pressure washing services near me the facades and tops of cottages. The employees are theoretically fully prepared and have extensive backgrounds in cleaning roofs and facades, using cleaning materials and various technical means.

If necessary, we will remove the old coating in whole or in part, repair the facade, and clean the windows simultaneously.

During our work, we encountered various types of pollution in two and three-story houses and cottages:

  • Mineral deposits — dust, efflorescence, rust stains. Such marks can eat through the plaster, damage the protective layer of vinyl siding, etc.
  • Various organic matter — moss, soot, mold, settling exhaust products from cars near the highways.
  • You can’t wash away such stains with plain water.First, a device with permissible pressure is selected, depending on the wall material. Porcelain tiles and stone are more durable, while brick and simple plaster will not withstand high pressure.If the roof is overgrown with moss, littered with leaves, or developing mold, it needs to be cleaned; otherwise, its service life will be significantly reduced. These contaminants are easily removed from the roof surface using a high-pressure apparatus. Our specialists will clean the roofs of country homes and industrial buildings in NJ, following safety rules.

Why Choose Professionals from Kozel LLC

The company provides wall and glass cleaning services in New Jersey. Using highly effective products, our professionals will quickly and safely remove the most difficult stains at any height.

Our clients trust our wash service because we:

  • We work in compliance with all safety standards and regulations. Our company’s contractors are certified specialists with experience cleaning various surfaces.
  • We have modern equipment and reliable equipment that provides maximum freedom of action. Removing contaminants does not require the installation of bulky structures or scaffolding.
  • We carefully select detergents, considering the surface type, and work with extreme care. Therefore, we guarantee high-quality work and protection of the surface from scratches and chips during the cleaning process.
  • We strictly adhere to deadlines, conclude an official contract, and provide discounts to regular customers.

The price for professional power washing near me depends on the cladding material and the nature of the contamination. In general, many components are involved in calculating the cost: the volume of the building, the requirement to clear paint, and the dismantling work.


How often should you power wash your house? arrow

Most homes should be cleaned at least once a year.

How much time do you need to wash a house? arrow

The time ranges from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Can you power wash vinyl siding? arrow

Yes! Our trained technicians can safely clean softer surfaces like vinyl siding.

Can you damage concrete by power washing? arrow

If done incorrectly, you can damage any surface using a pressure washer. That’s why hiring trained professionals is important to ensure the job is done right.

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