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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay Kozel, LLC? arrow

Deposits are accepted using

  • Zelle
  • PayPal +3% of contract amount
  • Venmo +3% of contract amount

Final payments can be made using

  • Zelle
  • PayPal +3% of contract amount
  • Venmo +3% of contract amount
  • Check
How Can I find out the cost of your services? arrow

We offer a free online assessment that is very accurate when we’re provided with all the details such as the product link, photos of the installation site, and accurate measurements.

If we can’t provide an online assessment because you don’t know all the building details, or it’s a complex project, we can offer you a price range for the project. We can provide a site visit with one of our techs for a fee of $150, if you choose to contract with Kozel, that fee will be credited back to you upon project completion.

What do I need to start my project? arrow

You can contact our office via phone or email if you prefer.

The first step is to fill out the free quote form, and attach:

  • The product link
  • Photos of the installation site
  • Photos of the item or the boxes
  • Links to instructions or drawings
  • New or used
  • Building information: one or two story, or high-rise building
  • Accessibility: stairs, ramps, freight elevator, or public elevator

The more information you can provide, the more accurate our pricing will be.

If you approve our estimate, we’ll collect a deposit when we schedule your appointment, and arrive within the 3-hour window.

Once the work is complete, pay any outstanding balance to the service tech, we’ll email you a final receipt within 24-hours.

What is the 3-hour arrival window? arrow

We include a 3-hour window for every project. That doesn’t mean the work will be in 3 hours. It means that our technician will arrive within 3 hours of your appointment to begin work.

Our techs can work on multiple projects during the day, and we must deal with traffic, weather, and material pick-ups as they move from one project to the next. This 3-hour window allows us to deal with the delay without disturbing every other client that same day.

We do our best to honor this commitment for every client. We are all human, and we do make mistakes, so if something does not work out for our schedule, we will try to inform you in advance.

Why do I have to pay a deposit? arrow

The deposit is typically $100-$150, depending on the project. A deposit is required to confirm your appointment for our services, and confirms that you have read and agree to our terms and conditions, and our company cancellation policy. You can see our company policy.

Can I get my deposit back? arrow

We can refund your deposit if:

  • You cancel the appointment 24-hours before the appointment time
  • You cancel the appointment because our time exceeded the 3-hour window

We do not return deposits if:

  • You cancel or reschedule your appointment less than 24 hours before the appointment
  • The work site is not ready for us to proceed
  • You do not provide access to the work area
  • The work was not properly described during the quoting process
  • Unsafe for human health or life
  • Parts are missing, or something is damaged/broken

Material deposits are non-refundable due to restocking fees charged to us

What is Kozel’s Public Policy? arrow

Our public policy (insert link) establishes the rules and procedures we use to operate Kozel, LLC as we interact with customers and prospective customers.

Please review them before scheduling your appointment. We can make edits or changes in the contract to address any concerns you might have. Your deposit signifies that you have read and agreed to our public policy.

We can send you a paper quote or contract if you prefer.

What does our service include? arrow

The subject of the contract (this is the basic option, if you have additional options, you can notify us in advance so that we include them in the contract.)

For example:

The subject of the contract is the installation of a barn. This means that the contract only includes the assembly of the shed according to the original instructions. If you have additional options such as installation of a base, transfer of purchase to the site, preparation of the site, preparation of the base, installation of shelves, strengthening of the floor or roof, this must be confirmed before work begins and included in the scope of the contract.

  • Move your item within the same room or 10-15 feet if it’s an outdoor project
  • Opening boxes
  • Inspection of parts, assessment of their condition.
  • Cleaning up after work is complete
  • Putting the packaging material into trash containers
  • Explanation to the buyer of the basic functions of the product
What’s not Included in your services? arrow
  • Transfer to the site or to the room where the work is to be performed.
  • Connection to existing gas, water or electric lines if no suitable connector is available.
  • Elimination of manufacturer’s defects or damage during delivery.
  • Additional works that appear during the work and we could not foresee them
  • Carrying the client’s belongings and preparing the place for work.
  • Garbage removal
  • Obtaining permits and compliance with codes. We follow the manufacturer’s instructions. In order to comply with the codes, we need all permits from the city and drawings that the client must provide.

If you want us to do something from this list, let us know and we will add it to the contract.

Do I have to pay if the work has not been completed? arrow

Yes, we spent our time and would like to get paid for it. Unfortunately, everyone has a different perspective of how much work has been done, and has their own evaluation of the work performed.
Therefore, you will have to pay half of the contract amount if it is not clear how long the final assembly will take, or the entire amount in case the work is almost completed.
Please note that there may be an increase in the cost of the project due to the additional trip to complete your project. We do not charge an additional fee if there was our error in the work and we need to replace the part or fix the error.

We charge an extra fee if we discover during assembly that there are missing or broken parts and an extra trip is required to fix it.

Sometimes we cannot determine in advance that all parts are included or in good condition, because there are a lot of them and there may be some hidden damage.

You must pay the full price in the following cases:

The assembly has been completed and your item is not working properly due to the fault of the manufacturer or delivery:

For example: we installed your TV, but after installation, the TV does not turn on or the screen was cracked. We are not responsible for this. We don’t test a new TV from the original packaging before installation, as you need to install the legs, and only then perform a test.

  • We have finished the installation, but you want to move it to another location.
    If possible, we can move it for free, if we need extra hands or take it apart and install it back – we will charge extra for that.
  • You’ve changed your mind and want to return the product.
  • You thought the finished installation would look different.
Do I have to pay if, after Kozel completes the work, my appliance/TV doesn’t work correctly? arrow

Kozel can only guarantee the work we perform per the contract. In the case of warranty, there is no additional charge to the customer.

If the TV/appliance does not work, you must contact the manufacturer to provide replacement parts, or replace the device. After you receive the replacement parts or device, contact us to schedule another installation appointment (additional fees will apply).

What does the Guarantee only for Your Services mean? arrow

This means that we are only responsible for our work performed, and the materials we use. If we’re responsible for the breakage, damage, or improper installation, we are responsible.

If the device doesn’t work due to a technical or manufacturing default, or was damaged during shipment, you’ll need to contact the manufacturer directly.

What is your guarantee period? arrow

Our guarantee varies  depending on the service performed. Our usual warranty can range from two weeks to one year beyond completion of the work.

What is not a warranty issue, or when do you not provide a warranty? arrow

We do not provide a guarantee for our services:

  • If we cannot follow the factory instructions, and we warn the client before starting work.
  • If we finish someone’s work started before us.
  • If we install or dismantle used items.
  • If the client tells us how to do it right, and we follow his instructions, then he will be responsible for the result.
What is the customer responsible for? arrow

We recommend the following to avoid price increases or the loss of your deposit.

  • Move all boxes to the installation location
  • Provide enough free space for assembly
  • Remove all personal belongings from the installation and repair site that may interfere with our work
  • Restrict children’s and pet access
  • Get all permissions and permits needed
  • Organize adequate lighting
  • Be present on the project during installation
  • Provide manufacturer’s instructions on paper
  • Alert technicians to any hidden or unexpected work before work begins
  • Figure out where you want to place your item before you get started
  • Prepare a broom, vacuum cleaner, or garbage bags
  • Check the status and quantity of your boxes
  • Find out where any utility services are hidden, call 811 before we dig
When can the contract price be increased? arrow

We always try to coordinate any increase before starting work. But sometimes there are unforeseen issues to work through.

For example, we’re digging a hole and halfway down we encounter a large hidden rock. We’ll provide some solutions and their related costs, but the original work will stop until the issue has been resolved.

If you ask for additional work to be performed, we will ask for a contract increase to cover the labor and material costs needed. If you want to add additional work, please contact your project manager before the work begins. Last minute add-ons or deviations can wreak havoc on our daily schedule and increase our costs.

What about major construction or remodeling projects? arrow

These larger projects require a detailed scope of work and contract before any work can start. Please contact us directly for more details and requirements.

What is a service call? arrow

When you can’t determine the source of the problem, or you want to consult on a project, we can provide a service call visit. For example, you can’t find the source of a leak, or how level your yard is or isn’t, or why an outlet or switch isn’t working, we can provide a service call visit.

These service calls last from a few minutes to possibly an hour, depending on the issue at hand. We do charge for  a service call, but if you contract with Kozel for the repair work, the service call fee is credited back to you.

Can I get a discount? arrow

Yes, in most cases larger projects can get better material pricing compared to a small project.

If you’re a regular customer, we can provide a discount. And if you refer Kozel to your friends or neighbors, we can provide an incentive.

We also have seasonal discounts, so make sure to ask about our current specials.

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