Dimmer Switch Installation

A romantic evening with dim lighting or a party with maximum brightness? It is possible to regulate light intensity in a room by installing dimmers instead of ordinary switches. These convenient lighting control devices allow you to choose the light to suit your mood and save on electricity. If you need the dimmer switches installation turn to Kozel LLC in New Jersey.

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Benefits of Dimmer Switches

Among the main advantages of dimmers is not only their direct function — adjusting the brightness of lighting. But also ensuring safety for the lighting devices to which they are connected. Thanks to the smooth voltage supply to the lamps, their mechanisms do not suffer from sudden surges in the current supply and will last longer than lamps connected to conventional switches.

The capabilities of multifunctional dimmer models allow you to change not only the brightness of the lighting but also adjust the warmth of the light spectrum, configure automatic switching on/off of lamps, and, in lamp models with LED strips, even change the colors of the lighting.

Productivity. Improper lighting can lead to eye fatigue, headaches, and nervous tension. Dimmers allow you to adjust the light to specific needs, especially when working at a computer, studying, reading, or performing detailed tasks.

Saving. Reducing lighting intensity by 50% reduces your monthly electricity bill by almost 40%. This also extends the life of the lamps by 20%, allowing you to change them less often, thereby saving money.

Signs You Need to Call for Light Switch Repair

Does your light switch need more than a few presses to function? Not only is this irritating, but it can also indicate other underlying problems that could cause more severe and potentially harmful concerns if not addressed promptly. Call our repair team directly for dimmer switches installation if you detect the following:

  • The lamps decline to turn on when the switches are turned.
  • Late response of luminaires when turning the switch.
  • A dropped switch causes a little electrical shock.
  • Impressive noise or heat from the light switch.
  • Signs of deterioration are visible.

Why Choose Kozel LLC Electric?

Because the device is designed to work with electrical appliances at home, improper connection or use may result in fire or electric shock!

A qualified and licensed electrician can only perform all work with the device.

Even when the device is turned off, voltage may be present at its terminals. Any maintenance related to changing the configuration of the connections or the load must always be carried out with the machines switched off.

Why should you trust us:

  • Our company not only sells smart home equipment but also installs and configures this equipment. We have more than 8 years of experience.
  • We will gladly advise and help you choose a smart dimmer for your tasks and make dimmers installation.
  • We have warranty obligations for all equipment presented on our website.
  • Our electricians are closely connected with smart home devices daily, so they have extensive experience connecting and configuring them.
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How Do Dimmer Switches Work? arrow

Using a dimmer, like using a regular switch, the light turns on. Then, the dimmer smoothly adjusts the brightness of the light of the lighting device connected to the dimmer.

Why Should You Replace Your Dimmer Light Switch? arrow

If you notice the Late reaction of luminaires when turning the switch, you must replace it.

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