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A patio is a small patio paved with natural stone, gravel, paving stones, or concrete. Its floor should be level with the ground, without any steps, thresholds, or podiums. A patio does not require a roof or walls, but it can share a wall with the house. Since patios are located outdoors, they must withstand different weather conditions, so special furniture is installed in this area called "patio furniture."
What could be more enjoyable than relaxing in the fresh air? A patio is a unique architectural element that blurs the boundaries between the house's interior and the landscape. Depending on the size and location of the patio, it can be a real oasis for relaxation and entertainment. This space improves your quality of life. And if you decide to make a construction of patio at home, you need to contact our company specialists in New Jersey.

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Outdoor Patio Materials

Natural stone patio contractors near me, paving slabs, Brick modules and thermowood are the most commonly used patio coverings.


The material is durable and beautiful. It is perfect for paving and will naturally fit into most landscape designs. Most often, courtyards are paved with stone. With its help, it’s very easy to reproduce a piece of Mediterranean style in your garden. Basalt, quartzite, sandstone, and crushed granite are suitable.


Our patio builders near me can construct a patio in two ways. The first method is dry bricklaying. In this case, the bricks are laid on a sand or crushed stone bed, fitting tightly to each other. The remaining sand from the bricks is swept away. This method is attractive because the site can be changed or repaired at any time.


This finishing material’s wide range of colors and textures allows you to bring any idea to life. It is convenient to cover narrow, hard-to-reach, irregularly shaped areas, combine different colors of tiles, and create an ornament. A variety of sand and gravel aggregates, quick installation that even beginners can do, and an affordable price—all these are undeniable advantages of using paving slabs.

Learn More About Outdoor Patio

A patio is an outdoor patio located in the courtyard of a residential building. Depending on the style of the house’s exterior and the landscape of the adjacent area, it can be surrounded by walls, movable screens, a fence of bushes or trees, gates, or openwork grilles. The components of a patio can be very different and are determined by the owners’ wishes and the size of the area allocated for it. They can be presented as:

  •       An artificial reservoir: a fountain, a nice pond, a swimming pool, or a water cascade;
  •       Relaxation area with armchairs and sun loungers;
  •       Lawns, flower beds, and other green areas;
  •       Compositions of green spaces;
  •      An area for household needs: a barbecue area, a small kitchen;
  •      Pergolas entwined with greenery.

Stone pavillions

This type of coating can be used on unpaved areas and raised terraces. When choosing a stone, its main quality will be low moisture absorption. This figure shouldn’t exceed 3%. Such coatings are basalt, slates, and granite. For covered terraces, limestone or sandstone is recommended. This is because these materials have a much higher water absorption rate. Regardless of the material choice, it is laid on concrete or a base of sand and crushed stone. Hard rock slabs, such as granite, must be mounted on a dry mixture of sand, fine gravel, and cement. Our patio builders near me use cement mortar for soft rocks.

Stone fireplaces

This highly durable material has many configurations, various textures, and colors and can imitate natural coatings. You can use tiles that have the shape of small planks and imitate a coating similar to parquet. For small patios and landscape gardens, tiles similar to basalt pavers are ideal. The tiles must be laid on a drainage base made of sand layers and various fractions of crushed stone or granite. This coating will ensure effective water drainage. Next, it is compacted using a vibrating plate. It is best to use stone when arranging a terrace with a base on the ground.

Rounded features

A patio is a great addition to any outdoor living space, offering a functional and beautiful space for entertaining, dining, and relaxing. But if you want to take your patio to the next level without breaking the bank, consider adding rounded corners to your design!

Concrete walkways

Concrete walkways are distinguished by their strength, durability, frost and moisture resistance, and can withstand mechanical loads. High-quality concrete, compliance with the recipe for preparing the concrete mixture, and the requirements for laying and maintenance when arranging the walkway guarantee that it will not only become a functional decoration of the site but will also last for decades.

Porcelain & slate tiles

One of the popular types of tiles for flooring and wall coverings is porcelain and slate tile. This type of tile has been used as home decoration since ancient times and is an expensive and noble material that can give your home a rich look.

Porcelain tiles have low water absorption and an extremely durable surface, and these tiles are wear-resistant. This is due to a combination of special clays and high kiln temperatures used in the production process. Together, these materials and the firing process create dense, durable tiles. Porcelain stoneware is very slippery and should be installed patio contractors only on covered terraces.

Outdoor Patio Installation Services

A beautiful stone patio is the foundation for your wonderful outdoor experience. It provides a backyard for landscaping, furniture placement, and anything else you choose to include in your outdoor living room. Our company has a plenty of information and helpful tips to help you make informed decisions about the team you hire to install your patio.

Why Choose Professionals from Kozel LLC

Are you still unsure whether to order outdoor patio construction from our company? We hasten to dispel your doubts!

  1. The construction of patios is completed on time and in very short periods, and turnkey is installed.
  2. We have the best price on the market and flexible pricing.
  3. We are ready to take on any project of any complexity.
  4. We use only the best patio materials, which means high durability and excellent quality.
  5. We have complete control over every production process.
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  7. Attentiveness and compliance with all points of the agreement.
  8. High-quality patio contractor specialists.

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