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To preserve any surface's natural properties, strength and beauty Kozel LKK company offers its clients a full range of service for painting houses outdoors within New Jersey. We use only environmentally friendly paint and varnish materials, strictly follow all stages and quality standards, provide a favorable price for painting m2, and guarantee all work performed.
To receive a prompt estimate for interior and exterior house painting, you contact the company's specialists.

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Our Exterior Painting Process

We use professional paint and varnish materials explicitly designed for painting houses — environmentally friendly and suitable for exterior and interior work, including children’s rooms.

A professional approach involves thorough preparation for painting, including sanding and measuring moisture, which improves the quality of paint adhesion. It is also taken into account that each element of the house has its characteristics, which should be taken into account so that the paint does not crack and the house looks perfect for many years. Our company uses a three-step system:

Preparation. We remove dirt and debris. This step includes removing water-damaged wood, replacing broken or weathered trim, fixing broken siding slats, and more. We sand to empty old paint or stains. Then we clean. Cleaning surfaces with pressure or by hand.

Basic. We apply a good-quality exterior primer to prepare the surface for painting.

Dye. We paint the textures with your preferred exterior paint. This may take several coatings.

Kinds of Exterior Painting Services

Many homeowners think that painting the exterior of their home is only done to enhance its aesthetic qualities. But this is far from the case — the paint coating protects the facade from various vagaries of nature, and the decorative function is a secondary component. In our company  you can order any type of painting that restores the original appearance of the facade or changes the appearance. The exterior of a private house can be given a new design by combining wall fragments in contrasting or related colors.

Employing one of our local residential painting professionals suggests you and your family will be hassle- and mess-free. Our technicians arrive favorably suggested and can assist with everything from strain washing to paint section.

These are our core exterior house painting services:


Expensive materials and an individual project — a house built and tiled according to the most modern requirements — will look faceless without architectural elements. Facade stucco molding gives an exclusive look and turns an uninhabited building into a cozy home, a landmark of architectural engineering, and a prestigious building.


Based on experience exterior painting of a wooden house is necessary approximately every 4 years. First  the coating fades on the sunny sides of the house. If a dark color was chosen painting the walls of a wooden house is necessary more often than if a light shade was chosen. Painting wood is a challenging task. To paint it so that it lasts as long as the paint manufacturer regulates, to select the right tone requires knowledge and experience. And our team has extensive experience in this.


Painting brick is an effortless method to revamp the look of any exterior or interior area. However painting brick is more complex than applying paint to drywall. You will have peeling paint and a sloppy appearance if not done correctly. Painting bricks from our company is an excellent way to protect the material from destruction and give it an attractive appearance. Pre-cleaning and preparation are the keys to a durable finish lasting over 5 years.

Cedar Shingles

Cedar shingles which cover the roofs of houses and decorate the facades of buildings can be successfully used outside the house. If shortly you are faced with creating a unique interior in your home then by exterior painting wooden tiles you can solve this issue most optimally.

Garage doors

Since garage doors are technical rather than decorative cases of their execution by some unique designs are extremely rare. But very often our clients choose a variety of coatings — it can not only make the formation of the gate more attractive, matching the exterior of the building (if the garage is part of a country house), but also protect them.


Painting patios will make the structure visually attractive and protect it from the effects of negative climatic factors. The paint and varnish coating give the structure a finished look and protect it from moisture and dust penetration into the wood, rotting and fungal development, premature destruction and aging of the material.


Staining and painting decks and fences are more than curb appeal — it’s about preserving your home’s exterior features from water damage and rot for years to come. The professionals at Kozel LLC follow a proven process to ensure your fence and deck are correctly maintained during our services.


New railings made of wood or metal only look great if professionally painted. This is where our company’s experience and skills as a professional painter come in handy. Whether painting old or new railings we can provide the perfect result for our clients.


Painting of facade fascia and soffits is carried out by our exterior painter specialists quickly and efficiently.


We use special paints and varnishes for exterior use to paint eavestroughs, which are suitable for painting steel, aluminum, and galvanized materials. Painting the outside of eavestrough takes a little time. We stock up on a long brush to paint the surface from the inside. It is better to seek help from the exterior painters near me specialists from the Kozel LLC company.

Vinyl or aluminum siding

When painting vinyl and aluminum siding the main thing is choosing the suitable composition which is one of the paint options for outdoor conditions. Our vinyl siding painters near me will quickly select the color and paint and make your design decisions a reality.

What we'll do before we pick up the paint brushes

To achieve the best results, our company carries out all the preparatory work and strictly follows the painting technology:

Selection of materials. The materials are selected considering the house’s age, condition and type.

Grinding. At this stage dust is removed, and the wood surface is cleaned of fungus, old coating, chips, roughness and other defects. First coarse grain P40-80 is used (depending on the tree’s condition), and the process ends with fine grain P100-P120.

Primer. The primer fills cracks and minor defects on the surface of the wood and serves as a reliable basis for subsequent painting work.

Interlayer sanding. At this stage the raised pile is sanded before painting.

Intermediate coating. The first layer of paint and varnish material is applied giving the house a primary shade and creating a reliable protective layer.

Finish coating. At the final stage a finishing coat of paint is applied to give the wooden house a finished appearance.

As a result you will receive a high-quality, uniform coating without defects or streaks which will not fade or crack from exposure to sunlight and precipitation.

Why Select Professional Exterior House Painters from Kozel LLC

Why Select Professional Exterior House Painters from Kozel LLC

High-quality painting of the exterior house is a severe stage of construction that requires knowledge, additional investments and time. To ensure that your house lasts for centuries entrust the painting work to a professional exterior painting contractor — Kozel LLC.

Our NJ company specializes in painting outdoor, sealing, and insulating old, newly built country houses, cottages, bathhouses, and log houses made of wood-lining, metal, various sidings, and rounded or chopped logs. The entire list of works, the final estimate and deadlines for painting the house are fixed in the contract.

Leave a request to receive a consultation and our exterior house painters near me will contact you as soon as possible.

Ask a Kozel customer

Here are just a few of our verifiable customer reviews, left by our growing family of satisfied customers and homeowners.

How much will it cost to paint my home's exterior? arrow
Many aspects impact the price of exterior painting projects, including the surface being painted, damage to surfaces requiring repair, ease of access to surfaces (such as lifts), and the region in which the project is located.
How long does it take to paint my home's exterior? arrow

It all depends on the surface and the degree of damage. Most facade paints dry entirely and create a durable coating within 24 hours of being applied to the wall.

When is the most suitable moment to paint the exterior of my home? arrow

Spring and fall: These seasons are often considered the most suitable for exterior painting. Air and surface temperatures are usually moderate and relative humidity is not as high as in summer.

How often should I paint the exterior of my home? arrow

From experience, painting the outside of a wooden house is necessary approximately every 8-10 years.

Should the old paint be removed before my house can be painted? arrow

General advice for preparing surfaces previously painted with covering paints is to remove any old paint loose from the facade.

How should I prepare for my exterior painting project? arrow

To ensure that your home transformation is as enjoyable as possible when painting your home’s exterior, ensure that there are no significant obstructions around the perimeter of your home that could hinder the exterior painters. If you have pets, please keep them inside while exterior house painters work on the exterior.

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