Patio Pressure Washing

Cleaning your patio yourself takes a lot of time. At the same time, the result obtained often differs from the expectation. Cleaning hard-to-reach places and heavily soiled surfaces usually requires specialized, expensive equipment and a variety of chemicals.
Our cleaning service company is ready to carry out patio pressure washing near me and country houses from when the construction work is completed in New Jersey. We provide professional patio cleaning on time and with high quality. We use safe disinfectants, detergents, and modern equipment from well-known manufacturers.

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Benefits of Getting Your Patio Power Washed

The patio surfaces are located horizontally; therefore, snow, rain, and condensation moisture can affect your covering for a long time. We walk on the patio in outdoor shoes and wear off the protective layer of oil over two or three summer seasons. Worn areas absorb moisture, the wood becomes damp and begins to collapse, and the stone begins to crack.

The patio must be looked after to maintain structural integrity and an attractive appearance. Dirt should be regularly removed because it promotes the development of fungi and mold, and damaged areas should be restored if necessary.

Key benefits of patio power washing near me:

  • will increase service life;
  • appearance;
  • purity;
  • protection from harmful aspects.

What Types of Patios Can We Safely Pressure Wash?

The recreation area on the site can be very different. It depends on the owners’ needs and wishes, financial capabilities, and plot area. Let’s figure out what products and techniques to use to clean different types of patios.

Brick Patio Pressure Washing

Brick is a popular homebuilder choice because of its rich, classic look. But dirt, grime, and even moss can cause discoloration over time. Luckily, pressure washing can restore brick to its former glory.

Concrete Patio Pressure Washing

We employ pressure washing, but the water pressure makes the concrete more porous, so you must clean it more frequently. In addition, we sprinkle fine sand on the patio or walkway and sweep the surface. Sand effectively removes dirt and does not damage the concrete.

Stone Patio Pressure Washing

Stone is quite hard, so you can use a steam or water jet cleaning machine in addition to brushes. However, products based on acids and other chemically active substances are impossible, as they can change the stone’s color.

Tile Patio Pressure Washing

Pressure washing tiles is one of the most common methods for effectively cleaning outdoor tiles. As the term suggests, pressure washers use high pressure to remove dirt, dust, mold, and other contaminants from surfaces such as concrete driveways, decks, exterior walls, and outdoor tiles.

Wood Patio Power Washing

The best way to clean a wood deck is to use long, stiff, bristled brushes to remove the underlying dirt. To clean what remains between the boards, you can use soft-bristled brushes. You need to move the brush in the direction of the wood grain.

For serious stains that cannot be cleaned by hand, you can use a high-pressure cleaner — it will wash away the dirt with strong pressure of water.

Soft Wash Patio Cleaning Services

Soft washing is a modern way to safely outdoor clean external surfaces. There is no potential damage like there is with pressure washers. The results of patio cleaning services for external surfaces last much longer than pressure washing. Soft washing is also environmentally friendly for patios.

How to Clean a Patio Safely

Paving slabs, terrace boards (wooden flooring), awnings, garden furniture—these are all things that are exposed to the external influences of nature—rain, sometimes hail, scorching rays of the sun—so you will have to take care of your patio so that it will delight you for a long time.

Before you begin treating your patio, you must clean the area.

First, clean the wood flooring, removing leaves, dust, stones, and other small debris. Once we have cleaned it of dirt, we can put a special deck cleaner directly on the wooden board. We use a stiff brush and pressure washing to clean the wood thoroughly. For safe washing, it is better to contact our company.

How Often Should I Wash My Patio?

The frequency of patio cleaning depends on many factors, such as operating conditions, degree of soiling, and weather conditions. On average, washing your patio at least once a month is recommended. However, if your patio is in a high-contamination area (such as next to a road or in an area with many trees), more frequent cleaning may be required.

One important factor that affects how often you should clean your patio is weather conditions. During the winter, you may need to remove snow and ice from your patio surface more frequently. In addition, during the summer, dust and dirt can accumulate on the patio, requiring more frequent cleaning.

Another factor that affects soft patio cleaning is the degree of soiling. If your patio hosts frequent events such as barbecues or parties, it may require more frequent cleaning. Also, if children or pets often play on the patio, more frequent soft washing may be required.

Why Choose Professionals from Kozel LLC

Every patio is unique, but we can make any patio more beautiful in just one working day. This is not the first year we have provided professional cleaning services for local areas.

The main advantages of our company:

  • Experienced staff. Qualified employees with 3 years of experience.
  • Modern approach. Professional equipment for pressure washing patios near me, as well as certified detergents.
  • Safety. We select an individual technology that will not harm your patio
  • Efficiency. We will leave 1-2 hours after placing the order if necessary.
  • Attention to detail. Patio cleaner services are provided strictly according to the checklist, eliminating the possibility of missing something.
  • Payment upon delivery. You pay only after you are convinced of the quality of services and approve the work of our specialist.
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