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Many people run a business with a good understanding of their business, paying little or no attention to the overall appearance of their commercial office space. At best, give them some cosmetic repairs. However only office painting with the involvement of specialists and designers will prefer the corporate style of the company and will raise its status and image in the eyes of partners and competitors.

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Advantages of Office Painting
  • Adequately selected materials and colors in design help improve employee productivity.
  • Walls painted the correct color support mood, which is especially important when signing essential contracts with clients and managers.
  • Old offices used materials that caused allergic reactions. By refreshing your interior in a modern paint style, you will dramatically reduce this risk while protecting the health of your employees.
  • Surfaces absorb odors, dirt, and dust well. This update covers the guidelines from a hygienic point of view. This is especially true when moving to a new office.
  • If you need quality office painting service in New Jersey our company can help.

Our corporate office painting process and guarantees

Only professional painter in our office painting service can properly prepare walls for painting and paint them.

Stages of painting walls in an office:

  • Cover equipment and floors to protect them from possible sprays or drips and to facilitate cleanup.
  • Prepare surfaces by cleaning, patching, and smoothing to achieve a smooth and uniform surface.
  • Apply the paint specified by the client most effectively for the surface and space.
  • Removal of coatings and other cleaning that leaves no residue.
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Why Choose Professional Painting Contractors from Kozel LLC

Why Choose Professional Painting Contractors from Kozel LLC

The office interior’s quality directly affects employees’ productivity and visitors’ impressions. Painting walls is a matter of aesthetics and the room’s functionality. By contacting us, you receive the following benefits:

  • Experienced office painting contractors: Our painter have many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of paint work.
  • High-quality materials: We use only tested and certified materials, which ensures the durability of the coating and safety for health.
  • Work guarantee: We are confident in the quality of our work and provide a guarantee for all our services.

Ask a Kozel customer

Here are just a few of our verifiable customer reviews, left by our growing family of satisfied customers and homeowners.

What are volatile organic compounds or VOCs in painting? arrow

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are carbon-based chemical mixtures in most pigments. VOCs are harmful to the environment and also contribute to global warming.

What are the advantages of low-VOC or no-VOC commercial paints? arrow

Low-VOC paints are more environmentally pleasant and secure for human health and the atmosphere. Their main advantages are:

  • preservation of the color rendering effect regardless of what pigment was used;
  • longer shelf life and high paint durability.
Do paint colors affect office productivity? arrow

Color perception affects work efficiency. Colors that enhance efficiency in one office may do the opposite in another. Suitable shades may differ from one industry to another. You should also consider how the colors you use in your office affect your customers’ opinion of your brand.

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