Cabinet Installation Services

Installation and assembly of cabinets is the final cycle of production of custom-made furniture products. Kozel LLC provides all services for the assembly and repair of cabinets and the full range of installation work in New Jersey.

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The work begins with assembly operations. To assemble cabinets efficiently without damaging the room’s floor and walls, furniture installers prepare the space for the work. As a rule, the central part of the room is selected.

The second prerequisite is moving the assembled products to the furniture installation site. Massive products ars usually assembled there if custom-made furniture needs to be installed in small rooms. This prevents damage to walls and furniture when moving. Also, furniture of particularly complex designs is assembled on-site.

Cabinets installed by our cabinet installation services near me:

  • Full Kitchen Remodels;
  • Kitchen cabinet installation;
  • Installation of bathroom cabinets;
  • Hanging cabinets in the laundry room;
  • Installing cabinet moldings such as crown molding;
  • Replacing cabinets.

Cabinet Repair Services

A cabinet is a furniture that, even with the most careful handling by the user, can become covered with marks, chips, and cracks. Cabinets repairs, in this case is an urgent matter. Something that can return it to its original functional properties and attractive appearance. All types of work that our cabinet repair service provides:

  • Modifying cabinets to fit an appliance;
  • Adjusting cabinet door;
  • Repairing cabinet doors and drawers;
  • Replacing cabinet doors and painting cabinet boxes;
  • Replacing hinges and glides;
  • Installing cabinet hardware or accessories.

Cabinet Refacing

By professionally updating or renovating your cabinets, you can cut costs and enjoy the comfort of your home again. Even if you have specific skills, it will be difficult to independently perform the entire range of actions. The problem is that you must understand the design itself, the methods of fastening, and the functioning of the elements. Employees of Kozel LLC from New Jersey will reface your cabinets in the shortest possible time.

Add New Life to Your Kitchen Cabinets

If your kitchen cabinet is in poor condition (the doors do not open or are sagging, the frame is broken or skewed, or there are cracks in the solid wood or chipboards), it can be quickly restored. Specialists will repair any damage to old and more modern cabinets, change their style if you wish, and answer your questions.

Kitchen Cabinet Installation

Installing kitchen cabinets is one of the most labor-intensive types of assembly work. Each cabinet consists of a large number of elements that must be assembled very carefully and accurately. Kitchen furniture consists of a large number of sections, each of which is a multi-component structure. Each element requires adjustment and must be set according to level.

Kitchen Cabinet Repair

Cabinets can be not only compartments or hinged cabinets but also kitchen ones. They have the same name, but they all have significant differences. These differences mainly apply to kitchen cabinets. What are some reasons why a kitchen cabinet may need repairs? Everything will depend on what reason led to the repair.

Since there may be several of them, let’s go in order.

So, kitchen cabinet repair near me may be needed if:

  • The mechanisms in the door do not work;
  • Lifting mechanisms do not hold facades well;
  • Facades are damaged and require replacement or restoration;
  • Kitchen countertop repair or replacement;
  • The hinges have come off or broken;
  • The chipboard on the cabinets is swollen from moisture;
  • The facades hang crookedly.

Why Choose Professionals from Kozel LLC

Professionals’ cabinet installers near me will consider all the nuances of working with your cabinets or kitchen cabinets and install them with the highest quality possible. If necessary, they will repair the cabinets.

Advantages of working with our company:

Honest prices. We do not increase the work cost during the execution process and offer the most reasonable prices for our services.

High quality. Due to the availability of all necessary equipment and the professionalism of contractors.

Guarantee. We guarantee all work, which gives you confidence in the quality of our services.x^

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