Electrical Service and Installation

When starting renovations in an apartment, you must pay special attention to planning electrical installation work. Correct wiring installation ensures stable network operation, comfort, and safety. The main feature of electrical installation work in an apartment in New Jersey is that the volume of work is quite small compared to industrial facilities or private houses. But this does not mean the work can be carried out with less quality.

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What Kind of Home Electrical Handyman Services Can I Order?

At the first stage of electrical installation in an apartment or house, a project from our company is drawn up in my area. It displays the electrical wiring diagram, locations of sockets, switches, and connection points for electrical appliances. The project allows you to accurately calculate the required materials, volume, duration, and total cost of electrical installation work.

The project displays a step-by-step work plan, including laying electrical cables, connecting the laid system to the electrical network, installing sockets and switches, connecting the necessary electrical appliances, and other work. Thanks to the project and work plan, the customer can always assess the scale of work, track their sequence, and receive further high-quality maintenance of the electricity system in the apartment.

Let’s take a closer look at what types of services our company provides:

Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detector

They are used in crowded places, households, and factories. It is there that they help protect human lives from smoke and carbon monoxide. Moreover, the type of sensor will directly determine its cost and operating features. Often, such sensors are part of full-fledged systems that must work smoothly and efficiently. What we do:

  • Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation and Replacement
  • Smoke Detector Inspection
  • Smoke Detector Installation and Replacement
  • Smoke Detector Repair and Service

Professional Electrical Services and Installation

Installing electrical wiring is quite a labor-intensive and complex job. It should only be trusted by our professional electrician near me. The quality of electrical installation determines how long the electrical equipment in the apartment will operate and the safety of using various devices. What we do:

  • Ballast and Light Bulb Installation and Replacement
  • Light Switch Installation and Repair
  • Outlet Installation and Replacement
  • Outlet Repair and Service
  • Outside Outlet Installatior and Service
  • Safety Outlet Installation and Replacement
  • Tamper Resistant Outlet Installation and Service
  • Wall Switch and Socket Repair

Home Automation and Smart Home

Kozel LLC is a team of experienced professionals that provides services for designing a smart home system and installing turnkey equipment.

  • Lighting Control Installation and Repair
  • Smart Home Device Installation and Repair
  • Lighting


What we do:

  • Cabinet Lighting Installation and Replacement
  • Deck Lighting Installation and Service
  • Energy Efficient Lighting Replacement and Retrofit
  • Light Sensor Installation and Service
  • Lighting Installation
  • Occupancy Sensor Installation and Service
  • Patio Lighting Installation and Service
  • Recessed Lighting Installation and Service
  • Specialty Lighting Installation
  • Track Lighting ServicesInstallation and Replacement
  • Light Fixture Installation and Repair
  • Light Dimmer Switch Installation and Service
  • Light Timer Installation and Service
  • Motion Sensor Installation and Service

Local Best Electrical Contractor Kozel LLC

Kozel LLC in New Jersey stands out among many companies and private contractor near me. It has a team of professional engineers and electricians who provide a full range of electrical installation services. We offer electrical installation work in apartments, houses, and offices. The company provides services for drawing up an electrical network installation project and preparing the necessary documentation. The client can order an engineer to visit for inspection and draw up an initial estimate.

The guarantee is provided for the entire range of work carried out:

  • Installation of wiring
  • Installation of switches and sockets
  • Connection of devices and equipment

Safety and high quality of work are our priorities. The work is completed within the established time frame.

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How much do electrical repairs cost? arrow

Electrical repair costs depend on many factors, namely the degree of damage, the amount of work, and so on. For more detailed information about the cost, contact our specialists and report your breakdown, and they will give you a cost estimate.

How do I schedule an electrical repairman? arrow

To make an appointment with our specialist, leave a request on the website or contact our hotline.

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