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Siding is one of the popular materials for facade finishing at present. There is only one way out to update the siding facade - painting. It is possible to paint siding efficiently and reliably! To obtain a long-lasting result it is essential to choose the right paint and carefully prepare the surface before painting. The main problem with siding is the loss of brightness and color depth. And our New Jersey team can help you with your siding painting near me needs!

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We Can Paint Any Type of Siding

Kozel LLC specializes in painting and finishing siding for your home. Siding painters near me use different painting and siding treatment schemes. Each scheme has its characteristics and advantages. You are sure to find one that suits you best. You can order any siding: aluminum, vinyl, or wood. Any product will be qualitatively sanded and painted by our company’s specialists.

Aluminum Siding Painting

Aluminum siding is one of the most practical coatings widely used in construction and industrial finishing of buildings. This material’s most decoratively attractive variety is siding, painted using a polymer coating method. Powder painting technology makes obtaining metal products resistant to ultraviolet radiation and corrosion possible and has high decorative properties.

Vinyl Siding Painting

Vinyl siding is a material known in many countries. Its popularity is due to several advantages:

  • Affordable price;
  • Ease of installation;
  • Easy to care for;
  • Variety of designs;
  • Fire resistance
  • High resistance to destructive environmental influences;
  • Environmental friendliness

It is important to note that vinyl siding is suitable for updating facades of any materials.

Wood Siding Painting

Painting the exterior of a wood siding home is essential to ensure the longevity of the walls. The house’s facade is exposed to temperature changes, exposure to precipitation and also attack by bark beetles. When wood gets wet in the rain it swells and cracks may appear when it dries out. In addition dampness can lead to the appearance of fungus on the outer walls which causes the wood to darken. Our company will carry out high-quality painting of a wood-siding house.

Siding Repair

Sometimes there are cases when the beautiful appearance of a siding house is spoiled by a dent or crack on the surface of the vinyl siding. Such situations arise in different ways; often these are cases of being hit by a heavy object or a child’s prank. But just as often siding cracks due to improper fastening violation of the requirements lead to thermal stress and, as a result, cracks.

The entire repair process consists of unsnapping the locks of the general design, dismantling and removing the broken element and replacing it with a new one followed by reassembly.

We remind you once again —  if you are unsure still determining if you can repair the siding yourself entrust siding repair and painting near me to the professionals from our company.

Why Choose Professional Painters from Kozel LLC

Why Choose Professional Painters from Kozel LLC

Finishing with staining emphasizes the natural structure and prevents the development of mold fungi and harmful insects. An optimally selected composition and professionally executed painting technology will make the walls aesthetically pleasing and durable.

Kozel LLC offers full services for painting siding on your home.

Our capabilities:

  • The best siding painters near me
  • Low prices
  • A wide range of
  • Bonuses and gifts
  • Great service
  • Professional managers
  • Seasonal discounts
  • Fast service
  • Loyalty program

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How do you prepare exterior wood siding for painting? arrow

We follow a proven process for every exterior wood siding project we undertake:

  • Siding Washing
  • Removing old paint
  • Seal the holes.
  • Apply primer
  • Seal all the cracks
  • Apply paint
How do you prepare exterior vinyl siding for painting? arrow

Before painting, it is necessary to carry out the following work:

  • Remove all dirt and dust from the facade using soap. However you should not use aggressive detergents.
  • If there are areas with mold, remove them with oxygen bleach.
  • After cleaning, the panels must dry. If you can’t wait or it’s too cold outside, dry them with a clean cloth.
  • Then the entire facade is processed with sandpaper. This procedure improves the adhesion of paint and material.
  • If necessary prime the surface. There are coloring compositions for which this is not required.
How do you prepare exterior aluminum siding for painting? arrow

The process of painting exterior aluminum siding that we undertake:

  • Choose the right paint color for your aluminum siding
  • You must choose an acrylic latex frame
  • Remove all debris
  • Remove any peeling old paint
  • Apply two coats of primer
  • Apply two coats of paint to the aluminum siding
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