Curtains & Drapery Installation

New Jersey is a beautiful city that you can enjoy looking at from your window. To make your windows look even better, you need curtains. You may think that installing curtains is a simple task, but in reality, it is quite complex. Our workers have extensive experience in curtain installation, draping, installing sturdy curtain rods on which your curtains will hang. And if you don't want regular curtains, we can provide high-quality draping.

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Curtain rod installation service

A «curtain rod installation near me» service your home. These services usually include:

  • Consultation: Clarifying your needs and preferences regarding the type of curtain rods or drapery hardware needed for your windows or specific rooms.
  • Measurement: Accurately measuring the windows or areas where the curtain rods or draperies will be installed to ensure the correct size and placement of the rods.
  • Installation: Installing and securing curtain rods or drapery hardware to walls, ceilings, or window frames as needed. This includes securely attaching brackets, rods, curtain rods and other hardware and ensuring they are level and properly aligned.
  • Cleanup: Tidying up the installation site, removing packing materials and debris from the installation process.
Curtain installation

We measure your window to determine the size of the curtain rod. Then we select suitable brackets and height for installing the curtain rod. Typically the curtain rod should be positioned a few inches above the window frame for aesthetic reasons and to allow the curtains to hang freely without blocking the light. Next we hang the curtains. Afterward we conduct a check to ensure that everything is attached correctly and securely.

Curtain track installation

Installing a curtain track requires a few specific steps to ensure it’s properly secured and functions smoothly. Using a tape measure and pencil, we mark the spot where the curtain rod will be installed. Next, we install the mounting hardware according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Using a drill or screwdriver, we securely attach the brackets. Once the brackets are in place, we attach the curtain rod using screws.

Installing of shades or roller

The process of installing shades or roller blinds involves measuring and marking the spot for installation, followed by mounting the hardware according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This typically involves securely attaching brackets using a drill or screwdriver, and then attaching the shade or roller blind to the brackets.

Repair of broken curtain rod

Repairing a curtain rod can involve fixing various issues, such as a loose or broken rod, damaged brackets, or issues with the curtain track. We tighten loose components, replace broken or damaged parts, and perform complete curtain rod repairs. And to avoid future problems, we reinforce the support.

Why choose Kozel LLC

Choose our company for curtain and curtain rod installation. To begin with, our extensive experience in this field guarantees you skilled and proven work. In addition, our team consists of not only experienced installers, but also knowledgeable consultants ready to help you make the right choice. Also, our competitive prices ensure affordability without compromising on quality.

Frequently Asked Questions
How long does it take to install curtain rods? arrow

This kind of work usually takes a day.

How should I get ready for curtain rod installation service? arrow
You just need to choose the curtains you want, we’ll do the rest.
Why is hanging curtain rods best left to the professionals? arrow
The fact is that improper installation can cause rapid breakage, your curtains will simply fall down.
How much does curtain rod installation cost? arrow
The price for installation is about 30 dollars.
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