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If you are determined to change the interior of your home and give it originality and comfort, hanging a small piece of art is the best solution. But many people have a question: how do you place it correctly and attach it so that it hangs safely on the wall? Contact us! Our craftsmen in New Jersey are well aware of the technologies for securely fastening interior items. They can hang a picture evenly on any surface! The master goes to the site at a time convenient for the client. Due to modern equipment and high-quality consumables, picture hanging services near me are completed quickly and inexpensively.

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We can hang a wide variety of items on your wall

Our specialists are equipped with professional tools for drilling holes in any surface, are well versed in the features of various fasteners, select reliable fasteners, and help hang not only pictures but also family portraits, mirrors, clocks, certificates, degrees & diplomas, animal mounts.

Professional Picture Hanging Tips

Empty walls are not in trend right now. It’s boring, uncomfortable and like being in a hotel. To quickly correct the situation and add accents to the standard layout, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on decor. It’s enough to decorate the walls with posters, panels, photographs or paintings using professional picture hanging services near me.

Place them in a room with good lighting, but avoid direct sunlight. Otherwise, your photos/posters and paintings will quickly lose color.

It is best to hang the art canvases at eye level or slightly higher. The optimal height is 140-160 cm. For a level position, we recommend using a building level.

For almost any wall, the method of drilling and using dowel-nails and expansion anchors is suitable.

Tips on Hanging Pictures on Drywall

Modern renovations rarely do without plasterboard, and sooner or later, all sorts of objects have to be attached to a structure made of this material: mirrors, paintings, shelves, etc. If you follow several simple requirements, this procedure will not be difficult.

For these purposes, a special dowel for drywall, into which the screw is screwed, is best suited. It must be remembered that ordinary nails cannot be used to attach objects to this material. To hang an ordinary light picture on the wall, you can get by with a very ordinary self-tapping screw. However, only dowels are suitable for a more «weighty» object. If you need to hang a picture already equipped with a mount and twine, then this can be done directly on a screw screwed into the dowel.

To install other items, you will need indirect fastening when dowels are used to screw hooks or brackets to the wall, on which you can then hang, for example, a small kitchen cabinet or shelf.

What do picture-hanging services include?

Picture hanging service providers can help every stage of the way, from assisting you in selecting the most suitable place to hang your art correctly. Your expert will come with all the required materials and instruments — all you require to do is supply a prepared canvas or picture.

Selecting a location

Before art hanging services, you must choose the composition’s size and dimensions. You should not put objects too high — otherwise, they will be uneasy to look at. As for the dimensions of the composition, concentrate on the parameters of the couch, table, and bed over which it is discovered. The optimal width of a photo or group of pictures is 75-90% of the width of the furnishings.


After helping you select a place for your artwork, the art expert willI estimate it and select the preferred place on the wall. They will mark the artwork’s pencil stripes on the wall and back for exactness. This guarantees that the picture will be completely centered and lucid once turned.

Hanging your craft

Your professional picture hanger will also assist you in selecting the most suitable method to hang your artwork. After you hang the painting and match its level, they may add moist pads to the back of the canvas or framing to keep it from sticking to the wall.

Why Choose Professionals from Kozel LLC

The company’s professional picture hangers near me have sufficient experience to competently assess the parameters of the pictures and working surface. They will carry out the work, taking into account all safety requirements, so that the works of art not only decorate your interior but are also securely hung and do not fall from accidental external influences. The professionals will complete the hanging in literally one hour.


What is the most suitable method for hanging paintings? arrow

The most obvious method to hang pictures on the wall is to put them on pre-hammered nails or dowels. However, driving a nail into a wall or drilling it for the sake of a picture is not always justified. After a while, you will probably want to refresh the interior by rearranging it, and not all walls are ready for such an intervention. For example, a dowel can be inserted into a brick wall only if the drilled hole is not first filled with cement mortar. Otherwise, cracks may appear on the brick.

How can I minimize wall damage when hanging items? arrow

Choose lightweight mounts, if possible, particularly for pictures with lightweight frames. This will decrease the load on the wall. Ensure you follow the mounting manufacturer’s instructions and evaluate the importance and dimensions of your painting. This will help avoid damage and ensure secure fastening. Use special command fastening systems. They are designed for use on various surfaces, can be efficiently removed, and do not harm the wall.

How do I hang pictures from plaster walls? arrow

If you don’t want to bother with nails and screws and spoil expensive wallpaper, use a simple method — glue paper clips or a small hook.

How do I hang pictures without nails? arrow

You will need adhesive paste to attach the frame to the wall. This is an ideal solution for hanging frames, light paintings, or kitchen utensils. To use this method, simply apply the required amount of paste to the object and press it against the wall, be it concrete, cement, or even tiles. Magnetic hooks, however, allow you to secure certain objects and combine adhesive and magnetic fastening systems without drilling or making holes.

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