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Replacing the seal is a set of services for dismantling the old insulation of plastic (PVC), wooden, and aluminum frames to increase the tightness and thermal insulation properties. In essence, sealing structures is a way to ensure a tight fit of the sash to the profile, which in turn prevents the penetration of moisture, cold, unpleasant odors, dust, and noise from the street into the room.

If you are faced with such a problem, then it’s time to seek help from our weather stripping service near me in New Jersey.

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Weather Stripping We Install

Kozel LLC weather stripping installation service near me, professionally replace and install seals on your window or door. Our craftsmen only carry out work after a detailed diagnosis of the old sealing material. They study its features, allowing them to choose the most optimal solution suitable for a specific design. What types of stripping do we install:

Attic Door Weather Stripping

Stripping your attic door is like installing a special seal on your attic door. It prevents the penetration of drafts, dust, and insects. This makes your attic and home more comfortable and energy efficient.

Garage Door Weather Stripping

Air temperature and humidity levels are essential not only for humans but also for the car. Therefore, every garage owner strives to provide optimal conditions for maintaining the “iron horse.” A comfortable indoor microclimate is a way to extend the life of your car.

And you can ensure this by purchasing and installing a high-quality garage door seal.

Basement Door Weather Stripping

The entrance door to the basement should protect the house or apartment from the intrusion of uninvited guests and from the penetration of dust, dirt, noise from the street, and drafts. Therefore, it must be sufficiently airtight. Door seals perform this task.

Replace Garage Door Weather Stripping

Upgrading your garage door seal is like adding a new security barrier to your garage. This procedure involves replacing the old, ineffective seal with a new one that effectively blocks cold air, rain, and dirt.

Door Weather Stripping

The primary function of the seal is to ensure a tight fit of the door to the frame, thereby providing heat and sound insulation. The absence of drafts is perhaps the main task of any seal. Some seals prevent carbon monoxide from entering the room in the event of a fire.

Window Weather Stripping

It is no secret that the quality of the sealing rubber affects the tightness of modern windows. The seal is a rubber or silicone cord of complex shape installed between the frame and the sash along the perimeter and designed to protect the room from moisture and noise and seal the window — from the penetration of cold air.

Weather Stripping Replacement Options

Here are just some of the seal options:

V-Strip: The V-shape of this seal gives it its name. It is made from durable plastic or metal and has V-shaped springs that open to close any gaps. V-strip, also called tension weatherstripping, is typically used on the sides of sliding or double-hung windows or along the top and sides of doors.

Felt: This seal is available either as is or with a reinforced flexible metal strip. It is often used around door or window sashes and in-door jambs to fill the space between the jamb and the door.

Foam Tape: This versatile seal is made from open or closed-cell foam or rubber. It comes in various thicknesses and widths, making it a good choice for odd-sized cracks. It is commonly used inside door frames and at the top and bottom of window sashes.

Door sweeps: These are flat pieces of stainless steel, aluminum, or plastic fitted with a strip of plastic, nylon vinyl, or sponge brush to fill any space between the door and its threshold. It is used along the bottom of the inside of the door.

Tubular rubber, vinyl, or silicone: These products are effective air barriers. The silicon version is usually inserted into milled grooves; other types are attached to metal or wood mounting strips. They are used along the top or bottom of window sashes, at the base of doors and windows, between the door and door frame, and the bottom of the door.

What do weather stripping services include?

Next, we will look at what it includes weather stripping services of our company:

Checking which opening needs weather stripping

Systematic fogging of the glass, the appearance of drafts in certain places of the frame, a dusty trail on the window sill — all these are the first bells indicating that the insulation has failed. Poor dismantling of the old strip by the average person may result in incorrect application of the new strip. The specialist in this case:

  • Assess the condition of the source material;
  • Carefully dismantle it, eliminate the remains;
  • Will select an option to change to
  • Picking the right weather stripping

Our experts will tell you how to choose the right sealant and which sealant is suitable for your doors or windows.

Preparing the weather-stripping installation area

The installation site of the new seal and the surfaces adjacent to it are cleaned of dust and dirt and wiped of moisture.

Installing and testing out the new weather stripping

Starting from the center of the top of the groove, the seal is installed without wrinkles or tension. It comes with a spray-on silicone coating, making it easy to install into the groove. The corners and the junction of the ends at the top in the center are fixed with special glue. Places where glue is applied are pre-degreased. The quality of the insert is checked by closing and opening the doors.

Repair Your Weather Stripping

Our experienced specialists know how important it is to have reliable and intact seals for windows and balcony doors. We offer seal replacement and weather stripping repair near me services to ensure your space is as tight as possible. Whether you need to replace a new seal or repair an old one, we guarantee high-quality work.

When replacing or weather stripping repair near me, we use only high-quality materials that ensure reliability and durability.

Why Choose Professional Installers from Kozel LLC

Kozel LLC weather stripping handyman have been working in the field of replacing seals on windows, doors, etc., for a long time. The cost of providing services in this direction is determined individually in each case. Our weather stripping handyman uses only original parts and components, fittings, and high-quality and proven consumables when carrying out work. Our advantages also include:

  • consultations from company managers on any issues related to the provision of services;
  • reasonable prices for all types of work that are presented in the catalog of our website;
  • the use of professional tools and equipment, which allows us to reduce the time required to provide services and guarantee a high-quality result in each case;
  • signing an agreement with each customer to replace seals;
  • special prices and terms of cooperation for regular and large customers;
  • accepting one-time orders from individuals, servicing organizations, and private facilities;
  • performing work at any time convenient for the customer — on weekdays and weekends.
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How often should I replace my weather stripping? arrow

On average, seals on windows and doors can last 3 to 5 years. If windows are used frequently and in conditions of high humidity, inspection, and replacement may be required earlier: if you notice that the windows have begun to leak air or water, this may be a sign that the seals need to be replaced.

How much does weather stripping cost? arrow

The cost depends on many factors: type, quantity, etc. It is best to contact our specialists, and they will make a detailed calculation.

What options do you have for non-standard door or window sizes? arrow

Our experienced technicians understand that not all doors and windows fit standard sizes. Thus, our professionals provide customized solutions in New Jersey tailored to custom door or window sizes.

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