Pet Door Installation

If you want your pet to be able to leave the premises whenever he wants, and also if you are tired of constantly opening the front door so that the dog or cat can go out into the yard or enter the house, install a pet door—order pet door installation near me service from our company in New Jersey.

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What Do Pet Door Installers Do?

There are many models on the market, some of which can be locked (relevant if you need to go away and leave your pet at home alone). For regions with cold climates, doors with several valves are provided to prevent moisture and cold air from entering the house. The pet door is installed in an external wall (frame, wooden) or the entrance door. If you wish, you can install the door into a brick wall, but this process is quite complex and time-consuming, so it is not discussed in our pet door installers near me do it.

Dog Door Installation

It is much more practical to install a special door for dogs than to torture them in our dog door installation near me company. Such systems became widespread in the West in the middle of the last century, but in our country, they are only gaining popularity. A professional door for dogs is a device specially mounted on entrance and interior groups that allows a pet to enter a room without outside help. In addition to their main task, such passages are useful from a safety point of view: the doggy will never get stuck in them. And by choosing a model with wide functionality, you can fully control your pet’s movements.

Cat Door Installation

No matter what side of the closed door the cat is on, it always wants to be on the opposite side. That is why a cat door is a very useful invention; no matter where you live, in an apartment, or in a country house, everywhere our doors will give you a new level of comfort and your pet’s complete freedom of movement! At the right moment, the cat will be able to leave the house and come back with the help of this simple device. Thanks to our cat door installation, you can control your pet and always know whether he is in the house or not. However, many people install such doors in apartments, for example, on the door to the toilet or balcony. This is a great and modern solution to an old problem!

Electronic Pet Door Installation

These are the most functional devices convenient for animals and their owners. The device consists of two frames that cut into the door leaf. Between them, there are one or two doors made of thermoplastic. This design is suitable for entrance and interior doors and can be installed on a leaf of any width, thanks to the tunnel inserts used. Installation can also be carried out directly into the wall.

Pet Door Size and Placement Options

On sale, you can find various passages for pets, from simple manholes to electronic systems. They differ from each other in capabilities and, accordingly, in cost.

Pet doors are made from various materials, including glass, fiberglass, wood, and metal—we can help you determine which material is best for you and your pet.

When choosing a door for a cat or dog, you must first consider the size of the pet itself. The principle of selecting a suitable door is as follows: measure the animal’s height and width, and then add 5cm on each side to determine the size of the passage ideal for your pet. It is also necessary to consider the features of the specific place in which you will install the door: for example, for the front door, it is advisable to choose the most durable and airtight model, which will also not allow foreign animals into the house.

Why Choose Kozel LLC

Having been installing cat and dog doors for over five years, we are confident we can handle any door. A convenient tool was selected during this time, and much experience was gained. We installed interior and exterior doors in closets, balconies, porches, windows, ottomans, and thin partitions. Our Dog and cat door installers carry out all the work with the highest possible quality; we always use a construction vacuum cleaner during installation. In terms of time, installing a door into an interior door takes 30-40 minutes (note that 5 minutes of this time is noisy work). For metal street doors, installation time is usually from 1 to 3 hours, depending on the complexity of the door. Everything is done without removing the door from its hinges, but we can install it on a door that has not been installed.

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How much does pet door installation cost? arrow

The cost of installing pet doors depends on many factors. For more detailed information, contact our managers.

Can I install pet doors myself? arrow

Manual pet doors can be installed by yourself if you are confident in your abilities, but a professional should install a more complex system, such as an electronic dog door.

Are pet doors secure? arrow

A quality pet door will keep rodents, insects, and other pests out due to the materials and seals used, which are too small to be useful to criminals. By selecting the electronic option, you can restrict access to animals other than your pets.

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