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Roof drainage systems tend to become clogged over time and under the influence of weather conditions. Gutters often become clogged with tree leaves, litter, and street dust. When debris accumulates, the system stops functioning properly, preventing the water from draining properly.
Gutter cleaning can be done by professionals in NJ who install the systems.
Typically, this service is included in the range of gutter cleaning services near me they provide.
Our company professionally cleans gutters, drains, and drainage systems and offers services in New Jersey.

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Clogged Gutters

The designs of private houses often include drainage systems designed to drain rain and melt water from the walls and foundation of the building. This allows you to increase the life of the house significantly, so water does not destroy the foundation or cause it to shrink. Over time, all sorts of debris accumulate in the drainage system and gutters, interfering with the standard, full functioning of the entire system. Most often, leaves from trees growing nearby, small debris carried by the wind, dust, and so on become clogged into the system. All this, accumulating in the drainage system, prevents free drainage. In addition, wet leaves become a habitat and breeding ground for many insects. To avoid such consequences, regularly cleaning the drainage system, roof, and gutters is necessary.

The frequency with which the gutters must be cleaned depends on the number of trees growing near the house since their foliage is the main cause of blockages.

Best Way to Clean Gutters

Leaves, pine needles, debris, and dust clog open and closed gutters, clog them, forming a rather heavy and dense mass. The diameter of the gutter decreases and cannot ensure the passage of water in the volume for which it is designed. Water accumulates on the roof, drains slowly, and overflows the edges of open gutters. If moisture does not have a way to drain normally, it simply flows down the walls, penetrates through the finishing into the supporting structures, and destroys them.

There is no point in hoping that rain will wash away all the pollution; it is better to contact our guttering service department right away. Foliage, small twigs, resinous needles, plant pollen, and dust, combined, stick together and turn into a single porridge-like mass that sticks to the metal and plastic covering of the drains.

Cleaning by Hand

Garbage is collected with a round dustpan. You can make it yourself by cutting a plastic bottle of a suitable diameter. When the debris is wet, it is more convenient to clean gutters after rain, as it does not gather dust and does not fly around. After removing large debris and fine dirt, the needles can be carefully removed with a small brush. If the gutters are plastic, they must not damage or scratch their coating. That is, there is no need to use metal brushes.

Gutter Cleaning Services

Kozel LLC, which simply handles gutters, can take the hassle out of gutter cleaning entirely by offering a maintenance agreement program for all customers.

Gutter Guards

If you want to avoid the expense of regular gutter cleaning services, another option is to have us install a high-quality gutter guard system to keep your gutters free of leaves and debris.

Overflowing / Leaky Gutters

Leaks and overflows after a storm are the biggest signs that your gutters are clogged and need cleaning, but they can also indicate that you need gutter repair.

Signs Your Gutters Need Attention:

  • Gutter overflow
  • Visible debris in gutters
  • Water does not flow from the drainpipe.

Cleaning and Repair - Which do I Need?

A securely installed system does not require serious maintenance and does not require repair of gutters. You only need to inspect and clean pipes and gutters 1-2 times a year — in spring and autumn.


Gutter cleaning is necessary to free pipes and gutters from blockages caused by dirt and fallen leaves, which, if frozen in winter, can damage them. Pipes and gutters should be cleaned mechanically and with a jet of water. When cleaning drains, the reliability of the system elements’ connections and the drain’s integrity are simultaneously checked.

Installing special mesh on the gutters and protective spider gratings in the funnels will help avoid drain clogging. Prudently trimming tree branches hanging over the roof at least 1 m from the house is also essential.


The need for gutter repair may not only arise when gutters are leaking or blockages form in the gutters. Other signs that your gutters need repair may include:

  • Rust on metal parts, which occurs due to accidental damage to the elements;
  • Cracks in plastic gutters that occur due to aging of parts and temperature fluctuations;
  • Rattling of metal and plastic gutters due to the loosening of fasteners.


It is recommended to clean the system twice a year:

  • In preparation for snow melting, at this time, it is necessary to remove not only organic debris, of which there is a lot in winter but also snow and ice;
  • In the fall or at the end of summer, when the rainy season begins, and in front of it, quite a lot of flying leaves and pine needles have flown onto the house.

Depending on the site and environment the house is located in, gutters may require more frequent cleaning from leaves, pine needles, and debris. The rate at which debris accumulates and the need to clean gutters depend on the type of roof and its angle.

A complete system cleaning twice a year, in early spring and late autumn, is usually sufficient. You can carry out unscheduled cleanings when it becomes clear that the drainage system is heavily littered with leaves or debris. If cleaning is required often, it is worth checking the system configuration to see if it is configured correctly. The slope of the pipes may need to be slightly adjusted to allow water and small debris to flow through them better.

Why Choose Professionals from Kozel LLC

Regular gutter cleaning is vital for your gutter system to maintain optimal performance.

Benefits of our gutter cleaners near me:

• Quality control

The Kozel LLC company has a full-fledged production base with all the necessary professional’s equipment, a staff of engineers, and installers. We carry out end-to-end quality control of services.

• Experienced staff

We comply with all standards for cleaning the guttering of your home, which protects you from any type of work.

• Deadlines

Our contractor clearly, smoothly, and efficiently cleans and repairs gutters while following technology and observing the contract deadlines.

• Quality assurance

We cooperate with proven, reliable suppliers of consumables. We are confident in the high quality of our service, so we provide a guarantee on them.

• Terms and prices

In the estimate, we indicate the stages of work and their cost in detail. We calculate it immediately after receiving detailed information from the client. A site visit for assessment and consultation is free in NJ.


How often should I clean my gutters? arrow

Inspection and cleaning of gutters should be performed at least twice a year.

What is the difference between hiring a professional gutter cleaner and doing it myself? arrow

The biggest benefit of hiring a professional for any task is knowing that the job will be done correctly. When it comes to your gutter system, doing the job right the first time can prevent more serious problems from occurring down the road that require major repairs.

Why should I clean my gutters? arrow

In summer and autumn, gutters clog branches, leaves, and sand. If they are not removed, a layered ice mass forms in winter, preventing water from draining; when the plugs freeze, they rupture the drainage pipes.

Do I need to be home when my gutters are cleaned? arrow

No, when our professionals handle chit gutters, you can go about your business without being at home. We will do everything for you!

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