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Why choose our swing set installers over others? Firstly, our primary goal is to meet the client's needs rather than just making a profit. Secondly, we only recruit experienced handymen to prevent any mishaps. Thirdly, our consultants are ready to assist with any query, from selecting the size of the structure to its proper placement in the playground. We understand that children are the flowers of life, for whom any parent has concerns. Therefore, we adhere to all safety measures during playlet installation. Set aside your concerns and contact us today, so you can enjoy a new playground in Miami in just a week.

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We provide playground equipment and services

The final point in our plan is the high-quality installation of playground equipment for the residents of Miami. Quality installation is vital to us because we care about the safety of your children!

The primary material we work with is wood. Wood is one of the most durable materials. It does not heat up in the sun, so your children won’t get burned. It doesn’t cool down in the winter, so your child won’t freeze while playing on such a playground. It’s not as hard as iron, which reduces the risk of injury to a child. You don’t need to worry about your child getting a splinter, as we sand down every piece of wood. All of this makes wood the best material for playgrounds. If you’ve always wanted to have a good playground for your child, now is the time to check that goal off your list.

Our website features a list of the main and most in-demand services. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, there’s no need to worry! You can call our consultants, and they will check for the availability of the service you need.

Residential Playground

Having your own playground is a great choice. Your child will always be within the confines of your home, reducing your worries. Additionally, you can fully customize your playground to suit your children, from the size of the play area to specific elements. All of this will make your child’s childhood safer and more enjoyable.


Accessories seem unnecessary at first glance. However, they are very important for children. It is important for a child to play on a beautiful playground, and accessories in the form of favorite characters will make the game even more enjoyable and lively.


Commercial Playgrounds

These are playgrounds that are installed in the common area of a courtyard or park. Special permission is required for their installation. If you wish to set up a new playground in place of an old one, we provide a service for the demolition of the outdated playground.

Safe surfacing

The surface is crucial for the playground. Its primary function is to cushion falls. We always cover our playgrounds with a surface that prevents children from falling onto asphalt or into mud. The material of the surface is soft and non-slippery. Additionally, you can order a colorful surface from us.

Brands we assemble

Our company works with a variety of brands that have repeatedly proven the quality of their products and services. We cooperate only with trusted manufacturers such as Backyard Discovery, KidKraft, Gorilla, Swing-N-Slide. You only need to send a link to the selected playset so our specialists can advise you about the price, delivery and other details.

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Safety first
Safety first

Our playset assembly service is a comprehensive package. It includes a meticulous quality assurance check on every aspect of the assembly, ensuring strict compliance with industry standards. We conduct thorough structural integrity tests by applying weight loads according to the set capacity. Additionally, we take care of the post-construction cleanup, removing debris and leaving your yard in pristine condition, ready for your kids to enjoy their newly installed swing set or playset. You don’t have to worry about the quality of the structure, we always double-check our work to make sure that the structure is firmly fixed.


What do I need to do before my technician arrives? arrow

You only need to place a pre-order.

How level should the assembly location be? arrow

As smooth as possible.

Will my playset be assembled in one day? arrow

Installation takes from three days to a week.

Should I add mulch to the play area? arrow

Yes, you should.

What forms of payment do we accept? arrow

We accept credit cards, transfers and cash.

Is ground leveling included with the installation? arrow

No, this is not included in the installation process, but our company offers this service. Please contact us for pricing information.


Can you reassemble a used playset? arrow

Yes, of course.

What if the playset is damaged? arrow

If it’s our fault, then we will compensate for everything.

Is the service price flat-rate? arrow

The price for our basic services is set.

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