Above Ground Swimming Pool Installation In NYC

Want to find great services for above-ground pool installation near your area? Congratulations, you've found what you're looking for! Our team of experienced and skilled installers is here to meet all your pool installation needs in the New York area. Our workers possess not only practical skills but also have a deep understanding of pool structures and features. Our staff work closely with our customers. This is to understand all requirements and wishes. We offer sound advice and guidance throughout the entire process. From selecting the perfect location to ensuring proper installation and maintenance, our team guarantees your complete satisfaction. Don't let the summer heat get the best of you! Discover the advantages of owning an above-ground pool.

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Pools made of Metal and Fiberglass

Metal and fiberglass pools are the types of pools that are ambassadors.  Customers love them for their strength and durability. Metal pool panels are protected with a special layer that protects the structure from corrosion. The main advantage of metal pools is flexibility. The pliability of the construction is a great plus for design flexibility: any shape and size can be chosen.

 Fiberglass pools are a structure that has been assembled from a single piece of fiberglass.  This type of pool is pre-assembled in a factory environment and then delivered to the customer. The advantage of this design is the surface. It is very smooth and resistant to stains and algae.  Another plus is that they do not need any special maintenance.

 These pools can be either semi-subterranean or in-ground.
Semi-subterranean pools are partially submerged in the ground. Some customers find this type of installation to be more aesthetically pleasing.

Seasonal pools

Seasonal pools are pools that are used during certain times of the year. The types of these pools depend on the period chosen. Inflatable pools are the summer choice; they are inexpensive, compact, and can even be taken on vacation. Winter and fall pools are installed indoors, as the temperature outside leaves much to be desired. With seasonal pools, it is easy to choose the type that suits you best.

Brands we assemble

Our company works with a variety of brands that have repeatedly proven the quality of their products and services. We cooperate only with trusted manufacturers such as Intex, Bestway, Summer waves, Blue Wave, Coleman, Bristol, Boreal. You only need to send a link to the selected above ground pool so our specialists can advise you about the price, delivery and other details.

Summer waves

Set-up prices

Set-up prices

The price for pool installation can vary from $100 to $50,000, and such a significant price gap is dependent on several factors. Let’s delve into them. Firstly, the type of pool plays a role. A seasonal inflatable pool can be purchased for as low as $100.

Secondly, the size of the pool: the larger the pool, the more expensive it will be. Factors such as transportation and design also influence the price. If you desire a unique pool, the price will also increase. You can always consult with us to get guidance within your price range.


Do I need a Protective Padding Under my Pool’s Liner? arrow

It is highly recommended to use a protective padding beneath the liner of your pool. This precautionary measure helps safeguard the liner against potential damage caused by rocks, roots, or other sharp objects present in the ground.

How many swimmers can use the new pool? arrow

The decision is up to you! We have the flexibility to install pools designed for either two individuals or larger groups of up to 20 people. For further information and to discuss the specifics, please contact us.

How to prepare for above ground pool installation? arrow
All you need to do is choose where you want the pool and we’ll do the rest.
How expensive electrical installation of above ground pool? arrow

The price of installing a protective padding underneath your pool’s liner can fluctuate based on various factors, including the size of the pool, its location, and any necessary electrical work. On average, the cost is estimated to be around $3500. For detailed pricing information, we recommend visiting our website, where you can find specific details tailored to your requirements.

How much will the average monthly costs be? arrow

It depends on how you want to care for your pool. Our recommended maintenance costs between 50 dollars and 100 dollars.

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