Shower Pan Installation

A shower pan or a simple shower corner is essential for a functional cabin.
The plumbing product is mounted directly into the floor or installed on a hill. You can inexpensively order the shower pan installation near me in New Jersey from us. The company's plumbers are provided with professional tools. They are well versed in the peculiarities of laying water pipes in various apartment or private buildings, regardless of the year of construction, so work arranging the corner takes a minimum of time.

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Signs That You Need a New Shower Pan

For various reasons, it may sometimes be necessary to replace your shower pan. A masted can do the job, but you can cope with the task yourself. Before performing the work, it is recommended that you study the features of the product and process.

Shower pan failure can occur for various reasons. Experts identify several main ones:

  • Errors during installation, especially if the work was performed by a non-professional. If the requirements specified by the manufacturer are not met, the pallet will fail after some time.
  • Violation of the rules for using the structure. Most often, pallets break due to increased loads for which they were not designed. In addition, you should not throw heavy objects onto the base — they lead to the destruction of the top layer.
  • Manufacturing defect. Another reason is the initially low-quality product.

Perhaps some errors were made during manufacturing that caused a quick breakdown.

Having determined the cause of the problem, you should try to eliminate it. In some cases, minor cosmetic repairs will be enough; in others, a complete shower pan installation near me will be required.

Types of Shower Pans We Install

The pan is an integral element of a shower cabin or box. It can also be used to organize a bathing area. To satisfy customer requests, manufacturers produce these products in a wide range. Different pallets are offered, differing in material, dimensions, shape, etc. It is easy to get lost in such a variety. To make the correct and balanced choice of model, it is better to listen to the advice of Kozel LLC experts.

Shower Pan Liner Installation

A shower base is a pre-formed, ready-to-install floor installed at the shower’s base. These bases are created from different materials and come in diverse forms and measures to complete any lavatory design. They are even constantly available with doors and mounting hardware. Unlike the liner, operated under tiles, the shower pan is a completed cover, and installation needs much less struggle and time.

Shower Base Installation

Do you desire to install a shower cabin and don’t comprehend what issues to pay attention to? Shower cabins differ in the type of design, the equipment used, and the presence of additional functions.

Almost every shower cabin is equipped with a pan. These options are popular due to their functionality and rational use of bathroom space. If the apartment has a compact bathroom, installing a cabin with a pan is worth installing.

The shower pan is the base on which the entire stall structure is installed.

It is very important which shower pan to buy. The design and dimensions of this device are selected depending on the shape, size of free space in the room, and expected functionality. The location of the cabin determines the shape.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Shower Pan

Before purchasing, you should consider not only the main but also additional properties of the product. Thanks to careful selection, you can buy the most suitable pallet, the installation and use of which will not cause problems in the future. It is recommended to consider several factors:

  • Shape. You can rely on the layout, your own desires, and the design of the bathroom to choose a shape. A varied assortment allows you to find products in the form of an oval, triangle, or square. It is better to choose a rectangular shape for shower niches.
  • Siphon. To avoid making a mistake with your choice, you need to consider the diameter of the drain of the pan itself. The necessary parts for installation can be purchased immediately as a kit so as not to waste additional time searching for suitable elements.
  • Installation method. Models with a high pan are often equipped with a decorative tap that can be removed. Thanks to this, communications can be hidden for aesthetic reasons.
  • Additional details. For example, the kit may also include plugs with a one-touch drain function. In most cases, a comfortable seat is provided for deep pans. This allows you to relax, combining convenience and practicality.

Our Process Of Installing a Shower Pan

Shower cabins are deservedly popular not only among owners of small bathrooms but also among owners of spacious rooms, who install cabins instead of or together with a bathtub. The duration of the structure’s operation and its convenience depend on the correct installation of the pallet. Installation is carried out based on the characteristics of the selected base and material of manufacture. In any case, you can’t do without help.

Comprehending Your Requirements

First, we will find your exact necessities and desires for the soul.

Complete Structural Assessment

We then disassemble everything down to the structure’s structure to evaluate its protection and goodness.

Clear Space Dimensions

A qualified team makes certain dimensions of where the shower pan will be established.

Subfloor Preparation

Our professionals design the subfloor for the shower so that the character is level.

Shower Pan Liner Installation

After this, you can install the pallet’s lining, level it, and attach it with certain materials.

Pro Shower Pan Installation

We will install your new shower pan, guaranteeing it will last numerous years.

Optional Lavatory Tile Installation

If you like, we can also install bathroom tiles to give your bathroom a perfect look. We will help you select the one that is most valuable and suits your preferences, requirements, and selections from our range.

Why Choose Professionals from Kozel LLC

We employ professionals who will install shower pans not only in apartments but also in private homes and offices. Our shower pan installers near me work quickly and carefully. The Kozel LLC service takes care of the quality of the work performed, controls the work, and provides a guarantee upon completion.

We also have open prices, which means that the cost of services does not change depending on anything. You can find out the prices for plumbing work in advance on the website or by calling us by phone.

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