Drywall Repair Services

Drywall structures are a popular solution for creating a stylish and nonstandard interior: it can be a false wall with a niche for a shelf or fireplace, half-walls, arched openings, multi-level ceilings, etc. Using a dry wall structure allows you to level the walls and ceiling, hide their defects, and create exciting design solutions without major reconstruction and the use of heavy bricks where underfloor partitions greatly limit the weight of the structure. Drywall is lightweight, which is its advantage but also its disadvantage: thin drywall is easy to break with little force or a blow to one point. The second way to injure a drywall ceiling and walls is to get it very wet: flooding from neighbors above can lead to swelling of the walls and ceiling. You can order drywall repair near me and painting from specialists from Kozel LLC service, which operates in New Jersey.

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Drywall Finishing Services

The installed drywall structure requires additional processing before painting. First, you should seal the cracks and seams and tie the joints.

Careful puttying of drywall before painting ensures an even coat of paint.

Sanding of the walls is required between the starting and finishing putty layers.

In this case, the surface must be treated, puttied, and covered with a primer layer so that the paint will go on smoother and more uniformly.

Finishing work is a mandatory stage of any renovation. It helps create the design of the premises and ensures their comfort and functionality.

Our service company is ready to perform any finishing work with drywall in New Jersey.

Our drywall finishers near me will assess the condition of the premises, take the necessary measurements, and carry out calculations. Based on these, the cost will be calculated, and a repair schedule will be drawn up. This schedule takes into account the type and quantity of finishing materials for drywall and the complexity of the facility layout.

Our Comprehensive Drywall Services

Using drywall in repair work can significantly change the room’s design.

Gypsum board is used for leveling ceilings, partitions, and arches. To work with drywall, you need to have certain knowledge. The craftsman must be able to make installation drawings, calculate the amount of material, and perform complete work planning.

Our company’s masters have extensive experience making any structure from drywall. In practice, clients often want to change the ceiling design, make partitions, or create interior arches.

Works with plasterboard are performed quite quickly; most often, it takes one working day. After fixing the structure, the cladding and fixing of lights (if necessary) are next.

Common Drywall Problems

All wall finishing materials are damaged over time. This applies to both plaster and drywall. To cope with this, the repair must be easy. Next, we list the main problems that you may have with drywall:


If the hole is large, its edges must be trimmed with a construction knife, giving the shape of a rectangle with edges beveled inward. A piece slightly smaller than the «window» made in the wall is cut out of a suitable size piece of drywall. The edges of the prepared «patch» should be cut at an angle so that it fits freely into the opening on the wall. The edges of the hole are slightly moistened, and a thin layer of putty is applied to them along the entire perimeter, after which the prepared part is simply inserted into the opening and pressed tightly. The joints are glued with sickle or paper tape and puttied using the usual method by our drywall hole repair near me specialists.


Removing anything attached to the wall, be it tiles, wallpaper, or even items like mirrors, can cause pieces of drywall to peel off.

Water damage and moisture

We do not need to dismantle the wall coverings to dry the rooms. The work is carried out gradually, from the wettest to drier areas. Drying can be done in any room. Drying equipment allows you to work even in hard-to-reach places (for example, risers, behind drywall). Professional drying is the fastest and most effective way to remove wall moisture.

Popping Nails

This often occurs when a nail is not securely attached to a joint or stud and pops out of the drywall.

Dented corner bead

A corner strip is a piece of metal that joins two sheets of drywall in a corner.

It may become dented due to impact or regular wear and tear.

Furniture Scuffs

Careless furniture handling can result in crayon marks at best and holes in drywall at worst.

Ceiling Stain Repairs

Ceilings with water stains can be brought back to life. Before you begin ceiling repairs, it is essential to eliminate the cause of the leak.

Tension Crack Repairs

Wall cracks from stress points, such as doors and windows, are common and can be sealed and repaired.

Loose Drywall Tape Seam Repair

Sometimes, drywall tape will peel off over time, causing lines to appear on the walls or ceiling.

More Than Just Drywall Repair

If drywall damage is due to insufficient ventilation, our team will make the necessary repairs and evaluate the ventilation system to reduce moisture buildup.

Kozel LLC offers drywall repair near me services, exhaust fan repair or replacement, and can even refer you to our trusted neighborhood partners for room repainting. In addition to standard drywall maintenance, our comprehensive drywall services include the following:

  • Drywall repair and finishing.
  • Repair and finishing of green boards
  • Repair and finishing of cement slab
  • Repair and finishing of plaster
  • Drywall repair and finishing

Benefits of Repairing Drywall

Repair of drywall structures has several undeniable advantages, which are appreciated not only by professional builders but also by premises owners:

  • the possibility of trouble-free zoning of premises in a short time and without major construction;
  • the fast and high-quality installation combined with perfect appearance;
  • ease of use of components and short assembly time;
  • the ability to level walls and ceilings in a short time;
  • creating ideal lighting that meets all the customer’s needs, for example, installing built-in spotlights on both the ceiling and walls;
  • additional thermal insulation of the room, especially in combination with insulation;
  • fire resistance and water resistance of structures, which is especially important in office and warehouse premises;
  • the ideal embodiment of the most daring ideas of designers and owners of the premises.

Priming Drywall for Paint

Whether applying primer to water-damaged surfaces, wanting to change the color of walls, or painting new drywall, using a suitable primer is essential to achieving a good painting result. The primer forms a preliminary layer on the walls, which improves paint adhesion and increases the uniformity of the subsequent paint coating.

The primer for painting drywall does not have any critical features. It is needed not so much for better adhesion as for protecting the gypsum board. The paint is quite wet, so you don’t want the drywall to absorb that moisture and begin to swell. With a neglectful approach, bumps and depressions may appear on the sheets, which will be reflected in the paint. Therefore, priming and painting drywall should go in tandem.

Why Choose Professionals from Kozel LLC

We carry out any drywall repair work in New Jersey of any complexity on the premises or in any configuration. We have extensive experience in carrying out drywall work. We are pleased to offer such services for the repair and finishing of premises using plasterboards, such as installation of wall and ceiling frames from profiles for drywall, installation of drywall on walls and partitions, as well as on ceilings and ceilings, installation of drywall at various shaped angles, leveling ceilings, walls and plasterboard partitions, erecting arches, restoring ceilings, walls, slopes and plasterboard partitions. The main advantages of our drywall repair company near me company:

  • We have professionals on staff with many years of practical experience in performing drywall work;
  • Our handyman uses only modern equipment in our work and achieves impeccable accuracy;
  • Our contractor works according to projects and calculates everything to use the material most economically;
  • We put into practice the most daring design ideas, from partitions to multi-level ceilings.


What's involved in drywall repair? arrow

This may involve filling holes or cracks with putty or joint compound, smoothing the surface, and sanding it to achieve a seamless finish. Sometimes, more extensive damage may require a patch.

Should I have my damaged drywall repaired? arrow

It all depends on the degree of damage to the drywall. Otherwise, you may simply need to cover a sheet of drywall.

How do you repair cracks in drywall? arrow

There are several ways to seal cracks: glue, sheets of plasterboard, construction paper, and, most effectively, putty.

Is drywall repair expensive? arrow

The cost of drywall repair near me varies depending on the type of damage, the damage’s cause, and the drywall’s location. Most drywall repairs are not very difficult or time-consuming. But when moisture, mold, and mildew are present, repairs typically take longer and may cost more to prevent the damage from happening again.

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