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This blog focuses on various products for the home, backyard, building materials, and smart devices. It also covers tools and services for the home, providing insights on the best choices. I will share details about the tools I use, the techniques employed, and the number of people involved. Additionally, I will showcase the complexities of the work and share interesting stories from my own experiences as a practitioner.

Who We Are

Our company specializes in high-quality repairs for private homes, commercial premises renovation, landscaping, and concrete work. We also handle small problems that others may not want to tackle, such as leaks, pipe clogs, water shortages, electrical issues, street damage, and finishing touches.

One of our company’s areas of expertise is the construction and assembly of sheds, gazebos, swimming pools, basketball courts, playgrounds, sports simulators, trampolines, and other projects that require specific skills and knowledge.

While these are projects that you can potentially do yourself, it’s important to consider that what might take us only one day could take you 2-3 days, and you may require additional help. By choosing our services, you can save your weekends, avoid the stress of following instructions, and rely on our expertise.

Meet the Author

I am currently 39 years old, married with a child. I have a background in construction and economics, and I am a second-generation builder. I have been involved in the construction industry since a young age, accompanying my father to construction sites and gradually working my way up from an auxiliary worker to assistant manager. Under my leadership, I have completed numerous small private repairs, hotel renovations, railroad passenger station reconstructions, unloading station projects for freight cars, and turnkey construction of private houses.

In 2010, I started my own business renting construction equipment while continuing to work as a contractor for small construction projects. In 2015, I moved to the United States, opened a construction company, and began providing construction services myself. By doing the work firsthand, I have gained extensive knowledge and experience directly from the projects. Currently, I serve as the main technical specialist in my company, finding solutions to any problem, no matter how challenging, thanks to my experience, education, knowledge of building materials, and understanding of physics, chemistry, and load dynamics. I work directly with individuals, as well as architects, designers, realtors, property managers, and general contractors.

How I will provide a review for a product

When reviewing goods and services, I consider several factors, including the complexity of the assembly, vendor evaluations, parts availability, customer service, any previous problems encountered, issues faced during assembly, analysis of product page reviews, and publicly available data such as dimensions, weight, and color.

While I am not a professional journalist or writer, I hope you find my blog interesting to read.

Best Regards, Aliaksandr Kozel

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