Solar Panel Cleaning

The performance of solar panels directly depends on the intensity, of the luminous flux falling on the front side of the panels. Dust and snow settling on them reduce the light flow to the solar cells, so periodic solar panel cleaning service near me is necessary to ensure maximum electricity production. These devices are most often located on roofs, and attempting to clean them yourself involves the risk of falling from a height and causing electric shock. In addition, unprofessional washing. can damage the surface of protective glass, so specialists should clean them. Our company provides professional snow removal and solar panels washing services in New Jersey.

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Why Solar Panel Cleaning?

Manufacturers recommend cleaning the panels monthly and regularly sweeping. away. snow in winter. Otherwise, the sun’s rays will not reach the working segments, and you will not receive any economic benefits from the installed power plant. Solar panel cleaning service must be carried out professionally, otherwise, even after the third wash, difficulties will arise with the glass protective cover.

If you can wash the panels from dust monthly, you should order proficient cleaning once a season. Our company’s employees will clean solar panels near me from stubborn dirt, and deposits using special means. Washing is carried out in any condition, including energy plants on the roofs of multi-apartment high-rise buildings.

Clean Solar Panels Produce More Energy!

Soiled solar panels will impact solar panels will influence your solar visibility.

When dust, decay, and tree liguid coat the solar panels, daylight cannot get them.

The result of dirty panels is identical to that of shading. If only one solar cell on an array is dirty, it will impact the efficiency of the whole array, indirectly influencing ROI and green energy production. Maintaining your solar panels clean will maximize your solar energy production.

Residential Solar Cleaning Services

If you need solar cleaning in New Jersey, contact our Kozel company. We guarantee high-quality cleaning and compliance with all technology and safety. requirements. The cost of the service and the turnaround time will pleasantly surprise you. Contact us right now, and you may agree on the work to be carried out at a time convenient for you.

Why Choose Professionals from Kozel LLC

Our solar panel cleaning company provides a service for washing solar panels. This is an important process that helps improve the efficiency of solar panels and extend their useful life.

Our professional cleaners use special equipment and detergents that effectively wash the cover of solar panels from dust, mud, leaves, and other pollutants. Our team of specialists near me has the required understanding and background to guarantee top efficiency and safety when performing this service.

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