Stairs Installation Service

For multi-story buildings or private two-story houses, the main structural element will be staircase — without stairs, it is impossible to build a single building above one floor.
Therefore, it is important to trust the stairs installation near me to professionals — only they will be able to perform high-quality installations of railings and steps made of any material, adhering to all the rules and regulations for maintaining the structure's safety.
This is the most important stage in the construction of new buildings.
Guided by a well-developed project, our specialists can construct high-quality stairs in New Jersey from any building materials.

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Staircase Styles and Configurations

Stairs are the most important functional and effective decorative element of many country houses. A responsible engineering design must be as safe and comfortable as possible and fit into the available space and the room’s overall style.

Staircase structures are conventionally classified into three categories:

  • Marching. Traditional and simple option. Consists of one or more straight fragments. Depending on the room’s layout, they can be L-shaped or U-shaped.
  • Screw. The steps spiral upward around the support rod. Its advantages are compactness and attractive, elegant appearance.
  • Combined. They combine elements of marching and screw structures. They can be curvilinear and arched. Most often, the creation of such a structure is dictated by a design project, not objective expediency.

The staircase’s configuration is selected not only by taking into account visual preferences but primarily based on the free space that can be allocated for its railing installation near me without sacrificing ergonomics.

Safety Standards and Regulations

Railings and handrails are planned to make stairs more unassailable. Before establishing them in your house, be certain to evaluate all protection rules and norms.

Keep in mind that directions may differ from state to state. Before assembling your railing or handrail installation, check your regional building codes and consult a specialist.

Railing Installation Service

The company specializes in railing installation. In other words, experts can measure the railings’ dimensions, create the design details, and then install them in the best possible way.

Railing installation near me requires compliance with the following rules:

  • the height above the level of the steps is, on average, 90-100 centimeters;
  • supporting elements are attached to the stair and handrail for better stability of the structure;
  • elements must withstand a weight of one hundred kilograms or more;
  • the surface of the structure should not be slippery to prevent a person from falling.

Carefully ensure that the stair railing contractors adhere to these requirements. Based on this, one can judge their professionalism.

The Importance of Handrails and Grabs on Stairs

Grabs are structures designed to securely enclose open openings. Thus, they are used to ensure the safety of people since stairs are mainly located near openings.

Grabs serve as the main parts of any staircase structure, and they sometimes support people who want to go up or down the stairs. Grabs do not always have to be part of the stairs; they can also be used to protect a balcony, terrace, and any other place where there is a risk of falling from a height.

In construction and design, handrails perform exclusively a supporting function. Durable and functional elements complement stair railings, and if the railings are installed on the side of the flight of stairs, then the handrails are installed only where the staircase adjoins the wall.

Choosing the Right Materials

The most important element of a staircase is the steps! Please note that they must be non-slippery, non-erasable, and washing-resistant.

Traditionally, stairs are made of wood, but today, there are many options metal, stone, glass, and various combinations thereof.

It is recommended to use hardwood, but such steps will not be cheap.

Of the metal stairs, the strongest ones will be those made of stainless steel. Of course, the cost of such metal is quite high.

Glass structures have a short service life. However, because glass looks quite stylish, it is also used to create a special interior.

Design Considerations for Handrails and Grabs

When wondering how to design a staircase, many consider the only possible solution to be turning to professional designers. However, if you have basic knowledge and information, developing a simple project yourself is not difficult.

To do this, you will need to know:

  • purpose of the stairs;
  • its location is inside the house, outside;
  • planned dimensions, primarily the lifting height and permissible span dimensions;
  • desired elevation angle;
  • type of stairs.

Based on these data, an approximate design, dimensions, materials, and construction technology are selected and refined as the project progresses.

Enhancing Accessibility with Handrails

Ladder safety is very important to avoid accidents and injuries. Slipping on stairs has become a major source of injury for the elderly and children. Having appropriate measures in place, such as handrails, will go a long way to preventing these hazards from occurring. Handrails add stability and support, helping you maintain balance and avoid falls.

Maintenance Tips for Longevity

Here are some recommendations for keeping your stairs long after installation:

  • Regularly clear mud and dust from stairs and handrails.
  • Fix damaged or loose parts instantly.
  • Carry out periodic checks to guarantee that handrails and handles are securely fastened.
  • If you install an outdoor staircase, keep it free of snow and ice during winter.
  • Install non-slip strips or mats to control slides and falls in drizzling weather.

Why Choose Professionals from Kozel LLC

The selection of a stair railing installers near me must be approached with all responsibility. Improper stairs installation can lead to dangerous situations an personal injury.

Installing a turnkey metal or concrete staircase requires a certain level of skill. To make your choice easier, you can rely on the following indicators:

  • contractors of our company have a portfolio of previously completed work
  • a large number of positive reviews from customers;
  • long-term experience in this field of activity;
  • adherence to the project, completing work on time;
  • purchasing materials only from trusted suppliers.
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