Our Faucet Installation Services

Our company provides faucet replacement services. Our competent plumbers will disassemble, install, and connect different types of faucets.
It is believed that installing or replacing a faucet is a task that any owner can handle. When installing a faucet in a bathroom or kitchen, you should assemble it correctly, taking into account the model, securely repair the faucet and correctly attach it to the water pipes so that there are no issues during further procedures. Thus, it is most reasonable if experienced plumbers in New Jersey carry out the faucet installation near me.

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Upgrade Your Home with New Faucets

It’s incredible how something as straightforward as updating your faucets and shower heads can immediately change your lavatory. Our technicians work with various types of sanitary equipment every day. We offer high-quality replacement sink faucets at a price that differs slightly from repairs. Our specialists perform diagnostics and offer one or another solution to the problem. Give these problems to us, and we will solve everything!

Faucet Repair Services

A faucet is an essential part of any bath. Most people choose to install a single-lever bathtub faucet since this type is the most convenient for home use. Unlike two-valve faucets, the water temperature in such taps is regulated by only one lever.

Faucet repair service near me depends on its malfunction. The most common of them occur due to long-term device use, mechanical damage, or lack of installed water filters. The most common causes of device malfunction:

  • Aerator malfunction.
  • Wear gaskets at the joints of the faucet.
  • Lack of water filters.
  • Mechanical damage — cracks or other breakdowns in which the faucet needs repairs.

Plumbing specialists of our organization can solve all these issues.

Kinds of Faucets We Repair

It doesn’t matter what kind of issue you have. We can fix everything! We can repair:

  • Kitchen/Outdoor Faucets.
  • Lavatory faucets.
  • Basin faucets.

When you call Kozel LLC for outdoor faucet repair near me, we will discover the part you require to fix it.

Leaky Faucet Repair

Today, plumbing stores offer a wide range of faucets made from various materials. Despite their external differences, faucets have one thing in common — sooner or later, they begin to leak. Our specialist will easily repair the faucet, replace the gasket, and stop the leak.

To carry out high-quality faucet repairs, you must first examine the equipment. Our technician will come, examine the breakdown, find the cause of the leak and make leaky faucet repair near me. A new faucet may not be needed since the most common cause of leakage is a cracked or dirty gasket. In this case, the worker will simply replace the old gasket with a new one. If the threads in the device are worn out, you just need to change the internal part of the faucet.

Why You Shouldn't Ignore a Leaky Faucet

The faucet is leaking, which is a problem requiring an immediate solution. At first glance, dripping seems like a minor problem, but it will end up causing significant problems down the line. For example, if a faucet drips after you turn it off, it will increase water costs and your water bill. Additionally, dripping water causes stains on surfaces and damages your water pipes.

To prevent future problems, it is necessary to regularly maintain all plumbing elements.

How to Locate a Leak

Not all leaks are apparent. Employ a water meter to decide if there is a leak in your house. Take tasks from the water meter, do not utilize water for some time, and make readings again. If the meter moves, then you have a leak!

Faucet Replacement Assistance

Replacing a bathroom faucet does not seem like such a difficult job: you just need to disconnect the old faucet from the communications and screw on the new one, having first sealed the connections.

Each faucet model may have its nuances. If you have no experience, no desire to «tinker with a constructor», no tools, and no time since there are other weekend tasks, call the Kozel LLC company to make a faucet replacement near me. It is a team of professional plumbers and electricians, working under the company brand for over five years. We are not intermediaries. Therefore, we are responsible for the quality of service with our reputation and offer the optimal cost without an intermediary markup.

Why Choose Professionals from Kozel LLC

Why you need to contact the Kozel LLC:

  • Guarantee. We have virtually no turnover. Each master is a responsible professional for whom it is important that the client is satisfied.
  • Optimal price. The price is based on the cost of consumables, the cost of an hour for a master, and administrative costs. Our advantage is flexibility.
  • Responsibility. We adhere to agreements with the client. The craftsmen are neat, punctual, and ready to help you at any moment.

Kozel LLC is a company ready to offer you long-term cooperation on mutually beneficial terms. Our installers specialize in household issues, from plumbing and electrical to complex repair work. By joining the number of our regular customers, you can save on each subsequent order. Do not miss the opportunity to get a reliable, responsible plumber to install kitchen faucet from us in New Jersey at the best prices.

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