Above Ground Swimming Pool Installation In Philadelphia

Want to get a personal pool, but don't know who to address to install it? Entrust the matter to our company, we guarantee you excellent results. We take the issue of staff recruitment seriously, so you can be sure that our employees will handle the job. Our team consists of specialists with extensive experience in pool installation. Installers possess both practical and theoretical knowledge, enabling them to understand instructions, drawings quickly, and assemble structures. Client orientation is important to our company. We support the client every step of the way: from choosing the model to providing a warranty. Stop enduring these hot days! Leave a request on our website and enjoy the summer while lying in your pool in Philadelphia.

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Metal and Fiberglass Pool Construction

A great material for a pool is glass and metal. Pools made of this material will serve you for a long time.

Metal pool panels are protected by a special layer that safeguards the structure from corrosion. Special protective layers are installed on metal pools to prevent corrosion. Metal is a flexible material, and many things can be made from it. Thanks to this property, a pool of any shape and size can be created.

Fiberglass pools are assembled from a solid piece of fiberglass. The surface of such pools is very smooth, and it is also resistant to mold. Such a pool does not require constant care. You do not need to worry about transporting a fiberglass pool, as we take care of this task.

These pools can be semi-inground and inground. You can choose whether you want a pool partially submerged in the ground or a standard one.

Seasonal pools

Pools are divided into different types, one of which is seasonal pools. They are defined by the functions that are characteristic for each season of the year. For the warm period, these are inflatable pools. They are easy to use and can be taken on vacation. For the winter period, indoor pools are suitable, as outdoor use is  impossible due to the temperature.

Brands we assemble

Our company works with a variety of brands that have repeatedly proven the quality of their products and services. We cooperate only with trusted manufacturers such as Intex, Bestway, Summer waves, Blue Wave, Coleman, Bristol, Boreal. You only need to send a link to the selected above ground pool so our specialists can advise you about the price, delivery and other details.

Summer waves

Set-up prices

Set-up prices

The price range in this area varies from $100 to $50,000. Quite a large gap, isn’t it? Now let us tell you about the factors that influence this matter.

  • Pool type. If it’s a regular inflatable pool, its cost will be low.
  • Pool type and size. Much depends on the material, but even more so on the shape and dimensions.
  •  Ground/soil. The more «sturdy» the soil is, the more difficult the installation will be, and therefore the higher the price.
  • Decorative elements. If the client wants lighting, patterns, the price will go up.

You can contact us to get an idea of the price. Our staff will always assist you and solve any questions!


Do I need a Protective Padding Under my Pool’s Liner? arrow

Using a protective padding beneath your pool liner is strongly advised as it helps protect the liner from any potential damage that may be caused by rocks, roots, or other sharp objects in the ground.

How many swimmers can use the new pool? arrow

The choice is yours! We have options available for pools that are suitable for two people or larger groups of up to 20 people. To learn more details and discuss your specific needs, please get in touch with us.

How to prepare for above ground pool installation? arrow

Simply select the location for the pool and leave the rest to us.

How expensive electrical installation of above ground pool? arrow

The cost of installing protective padding for your pool’s liner can vary depending on factors such as pool size, location, and any electrical requirements. On average, it is estimated to be around $3500. For more specific pricing details tailored to your needs, we suggest exploring our website.

How much will the average monthly costs be? arrow

The estimated cost for pool maintenance is typically between $50 and $100.

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